Smart living solutions refer to digital technology-enhanced solutions that seek to elevate living quality through improved convenience, comfort, and value and promote health and safety, such as elderly and patient monitoring solutions and air quality control solutions employed in many hospitals. In the first nine months of 2022, new product development (NPD) and service solutions, such as hygienic tiles, accounted for 17% of SCGC’s total product development

1. Smart Home Solutions

Today, indoor lifestyles have changed not only because of the need to achieve eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, or resource efficiency, but also because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a seismic shift in lifestyle trends and inspired greater demand for safe and clean indoor air

Recognizing such needs, SCG has partnered with specialists to develop innovative products and services that address every functional need in both homes and buildings as follows.

• SCG Active Air Quality: Fill up your homes with fresh and clean air

The fresh air machine is equipped with an innovation that fills fresh, clean, and safe air to your homes and condominiums while also pushing out dust and pollutants. The technology also prevents pollution outside from entering the space with positive pressure, which differs from regular air purifiers, and helps to filter out PM 2.5, airborne pathogens, and viruses, including the coronavirus – the cause of COVID-19, by up to 99%*. The equipped SCG Bi-ion will also eliminate airborne pathogens in the room continuously as the machine operates (*laboratory test results from NSTDA, TBES, NCTC, Mahidol).

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• SCG Active AIRflow™ System: A ventilation and heat transfer solution

This technology solves the problem of trapped heat by creating ventilation and transferring the heat out of the home through vents in the attic, which is the main source of trapped heat. Because it helps increase air circulation inside the home, draws in cool air, and expels hot air, the system can cool down the house by 2-5 degrees Celsius.

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• Trinity – Smart Home Solution

Trinity is a smart living application that serves as a hub of IoT devices, making it possible to control, check, and change the setting of all the devices through your mobile phone and make certain that they function smoothly and efficiently. The technology also ensures data safety and helps to detect and resolve any irregularities as well as analyzes and identifies the suitable time to activate each device. Offering various solutions for better living, including Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart Health & Wellness, and Smart Industry, Trinity is not only beneficial for users but also improves everyday convenience without any impact of society, the environment, and the planet.

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3. Smart Building Solutions

Today, indoor lifestyles have changed not only because of the need to achieve eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, or resource efficiency, but also because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused a seismic shift in lifestyle trends and inspired greater demand for safe and clean indoor air

Recognizing such needs, SCG has partnered with specialists to develop innovative products and services that address every functional need in both homes and buildings as follows.

• SCG Bi-ion: An ion-based air disinfection system

SCG Bi-ion works by releasing both positive and negative oxygen ions that are capable of eliminating airborne diseases, effectively neutralizing up to 99%* of viruses including coronaviruses and bacteria cells in the air, and reducing fine particles such as PM10-PM2.5. These ions are ubiquitously found in nature and not harmful to humans and pets while operating. Disease neutralization is proactively done instantly once an air-conditioner is turned on. This is to ensure safer air quality. The highlights are as follows:


  • Safe for living things while operating
  • Easy to install into all types of air conditioning systems with less installation time
  • No maintenance cost compared to other disinfection systems

*Laboratory tests on the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant by Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc. (United States of America) in December 2021-February 2022 found that SCG Bi-on was capable of reducing the amount of viruses by as much as 99.945% after operating for 90 minutes.

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• SCG HVAC Air Scrubber: An innovative air purifier that lessens A/C cooling load

This innovative air scrubber system enables people in buildings to enjoy good health while also reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and use of natural resources by diminishing the cooling load of the air conditioning system. The technology helps to sustainably upgrade buildings into energy-saving ones.

  • This technology reduces the fresh air intake from outside and the cooling load of the A/C unit and is thus capable of saving the energy consumption of the A/C by up to 30% compared to typical A/C systems found in buildings.
  • The air scrubber reduces air pollutants with a technology that can absorb over 30 tocix gases and thus improves the well-being of people in the building, as opposed to regular A/C systems, which only ventilate the room.
  • SCG HVAC Air Scrubber can significantly reduce the costs of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It also helps increase building scores for LEED and WELL certifications without increasing the cost.

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4. Food Packaging Solutions from SCGP

SCGP has made investments to grow its food packaging businesses in response to megatrends, expanded the production capacity, and consistently developed food packaging innovations in order to foster robust growth and ensure it can expand into various markets, accommodate different consumer lifestyles, and promote the growth of global food packaging demand.

• Paper tray for fresh meat from Fest by SCGP :

Designed and produced for functionality, the innovative and eco-friendly food packaging caters to eco-conscious consumers and ensures freshness, hygiene, and safety of the fresh meat contained.

• OptiBreath® :

As vegetables and fruits are perishable, any leftovers in restaurants and food businesses can spoil and become food waste if not properly preserved, resulting in increased costs. To this end, SCGP has invented OptiBreath®, an innovative food packaging to extend fruits and vegetables’ shelf life. The flexible packaging makes use of a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system, in which the material and manufacturing method of the film are selected to suit each specific type of fruit and vegetable to maximize the ability of the packaging to preserve the freshness. In addition, holes are made in the packaging to maintain the appropriate gas permeability and evaporation rates within the packaging, thus preventing condensation and protecting the product from contamination. As a result, stores and consumers can store items for longer while preserving the freshness, color, smell, and taste as well as slowing down the growth of microorganisms.

• Odor Lock :

Designed to lock in aromas, this innovative packaging is made from a special type of smell-impermeable plastic that prevents odors from seeping out and is thus perfect or storage of strong-smelling foodstuffs, such as durian, fermented fish, salted fish, dried squid, dried shrimp, shallots, garlic, chili paste, shrimp paste, pickled clams, salted crab, and animal food. Odor Lock prevents unpleasant smell from seeping out during transportation and makes it possible to store strong-smelling food along with other products. The packaging also helps prevent contamination as it can be easily sealed with heat and can be kept in cold storage or ice without the issue of seepage. It can also be refrigerated without causing condensation within, therefore helping to preserve the appearance and flavors of the food.


4. Digital Technology Solutions for More Convenient Living

Digital technology has become a part of our daily life, our workplace, as well as how we spend and do business. It affords us convenience and makes our lives safer, easier, and faster.

• One-Smart Calculator
Calculation made quick and simple

Developed to simplify calculation and reduce calculation time, the voice-operated calculator can give you the solution as soon as you provide the problem. As it can respond in Thai and work offline, the innovation gives everyone easy access to technology, especially those with visual impairments and individuals who cannot read or write, enabling them to solve basic math problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as equations. The voice command technology can also be applied to other innovations to enable them to talk to users.

• ONE – Smart Faucet
COTTO smart faucets with a voice interface

The voice interface enables users to conveniently turn the faucet off or on with their voice, thus giving them more control over water usage and allowing them to save more water. The faucet is also friendly to individuals with visual impairments as it comes with an offline voice command capability, and helps minimize contact with high-touch surfaces, which are often contaminated with germs, and, in turn, reduce risk of diseases.

As an innovation unit behind SCG’s new business development, WEDO gives students nationwide an opportunity to take an internship at SCG under “WEDO Young Talent Program” in the form of micro-enterprises. Participants will get to learn and develop skills of the future related to creativity, innovation, and technology through hands-on experiences and coaching by experts in each field in order to develop solutions that integrate digital technology for better and more convenient living, such as:

• Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
An innovation that communicates thoughts

In collaboration with Phayathai Hospital, this technology assists patients unable to use their limbs and speak, such as those with locked-in syndrome or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and bedridden patients, to once again communicate with their beloved ones and families. The brain computer interface reads the frequency of the patients’ brain waves, acquires and relays brain signals to a computer that translates and communicates the patient’s thoughts and feelings, such as when they feel thirsty, wish for the lights to be turned off, and are unable to breathe.

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5. SHINKOLITETM: Better Living by Premium Acrylic Sheet

SHINKOLITETM has been established through the partnership between SCGC and Mitsubishi Chemical Group Japan (MCG) as a world-class leader in chemical and acrylic sheet manufacturing that delivers innovative products and services to continuously meet the market demand. With the concept “Acrylic Solution Provider,” SHINKOLITETM caters to the functional needs of architects, designers, project owners, and general users through a diverse range of products that afford convenience, such as transparent awnings/garage roofs, acrylic railings, interior doors, acrylic partitions, interior décor, and façades.

SHINKOLITETM has been awarded an SCG Green Choice label for Climate Resilience and Thailand’s first and only acrylic sheet to be certified by the Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) No. 2685-2558, thus elevating the quality of the product and fostering confidence among users. Distinctive properties of SHINKOLITETM include the following:

  • Heat insulation : SHINKOLITETM acrylic sheets can reduce infrared radiation by 50% and decrease the temperature underneath by 5 Co on average (based on lab test results), making the space cooler and preventing any burning sensation on the skin.
  • Strong and durable : Because it is solid throughout, the sheet can withstand more impact, and is thus harder to shatter, than glass and offers greater safety.
  • Lightweight : At the same thickness, SHINKOLITETM acrylic sheets weigh only half as much, thus reducing the amount of steel needed for support and the expense. In addition, because of the decreased load-bearing requirement, they are ideal for an extension that calls for lighter materials.
  • Extra width and length : Thanks to the closed production system, all contaminants can be filtered out right from the raw material preparation stage, ensuring that the finished product is clean and has very little adulteration. In addition, because it is manufactured with continuous cast technology, the sheet can have a maximum width of 2,736 mm. and a maximum length of 6,000 mm., ideal for large advertisement signage or other applications requiring a large seamless surface. The sheet also has uniform thickness throughout and thus, when formed, yields a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing product.
  • Chic and sleek : With a smooth and shiny surface, the transparent material imparts a sense of stylishness, lending itself perfectly to modern houses or hotels looking to incorporate an elegant clear roof in their structures.

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6. WINDSOR Vinyl Doors and Windows: Smart Design for Your Smart Living Leader and expert on vinyl door and window innovations

WINDSOR, a brand under SCGC, strives to develop innovations for smart living, in line with its concept Smart Design for Your Smart Living. To this end, it has invented WINDSOR Advance Vinyl – a special material designed specifically for the heat and humidity of Thailand. It features five distinctive additives that give it special properties, namely a UV stabilizer, a heat stabilizer, an impact modifier – which improves flexibility and resistance to impact and compression, an anti-stain agent, and special-grade premium fade-resistant color. The laminating film also gives a distinctive texture. Available in white, black, gray, and wood finishes, WINDSOR products lend themselves to every style of design.

Ultimate Protection
WINDSOR vinyl doors and windows maximize convenience for home owners with superior protection against all disturbances.

  • Heat Protection : WINDSOR products can reduce heat from being transferred into the building 40% more efficiently than aluminum counterparts, thus keeping the house cool and reducing energy use.
  • Noise Protection : WINDSOR products can decrease external noises by as much as 32 decibels or 40% more than regular aluminum doors and windows.
  • Leak Protection : WINDSOR products can prevent water and air leakage at the wind speed of 120 km/hour – the speed of a typhoon.
  • Security Protection : WINDSOR products offer superior safety thanks to the structural strength and the ability to withstand the wind pressure of 80 kg/m2. WINDSOR also offers anti-tampering lock systems for door frames and window frames.

World-class Quality Standard

WINDSOR vinyl doors and windows come with meticulously designed frames. The colors and sizes can also be customized and made to order to suit the functionality required and the design of the house. WINDSOR products have also been certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO50001 standards and have been given the Prime Minister’s Industry Award, as well as a Made in Thailand (MiT) label, presented to quality products manufactured domestically, from the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI).

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As they are 50% lighter than regular glass panes, SHINKOLITETM acrylic sheets provide a perfect accompaniment for WINDSOR vinyl doors and windows and yield greater functionality.

  • Easier to open or close and thus friendly to residents of all ages
  • Safer as acrylic sheets can withstand 10 times more impact than glass panes of the same thickness
  • Longer lifespan as acrylic is lighter and exerts less load on the hardware and the moving parts
  • Easier to maintain as the acrylic sheet is resistant to crack and can be used and cleaned without worries