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Business Overview

Business Highlight 2018
Consolidated revenue from sales increased 6% yearon- year to 478,438 Million Baht on higher sales volume from every Business Unit. However, consolidated EBITDA decreased 15% year-on-year to 86,641 Million Baht and consolidated Profit for the year registered at 44,748 Million Baht, attributed to the lower chemicals earnings which was partially compensated by the earnings of Packaging business.

  Cement-Building Materials Business  
Revenue from sales was 182,952 Million Baht, an increase of 4% from the previous year. EBITDA was 21,244 Million Baht, and profit for the year was 5,984 Million Baht. A decreased EBITDA of 1% and decreased profit of 7% from the preceding year were due to the asset impairments in third quarter of 2018, which amounted 1,320 Million Baht. Moving forward, the Cement-Building Materials Business will continue to grow within the region with the market owner strategy and asset-light investment such as franchise-based retailing and distribution as well as construction solution services.

  Chemicals Business  
Revenue from sales was 221,538 Million Baht, which increased 7% from the previous year. EBITDA was 46,117 Million Baht, and profit for the year was 29,166 Million Baht, which decreased 28% and 29% respectively as a result of higher naphtha cost and the stronger Thai baht FX, and lower equity income from associates. The Chemicals Business strives to offer products and services that reflect to customers’ needs, by developing innovative and Value-Added products and services that offers best quality while using less plastic materials for circular economy.

  Packaging Business  
Revenue from sales was 87,255 Million Baht. EBITDA was 14,866 Million Baht, profit for the year was 6,319 Million Baht, the increase of 20% and 36% respectively from the previous year mainly from increasing production efficiency projects and cost saving management. The Packaging Business continues focusing itself as the ASEAN market leader that provide the total packaging solutions in response to customers’ needs, including sustainable business growth.

EBITDA registered at 4,469 Million Baht and profit for the year was 3,431 Million Baht. This could be attributed to the operating results of Investment Business that recorded EBITDA inclusive of dividend from associated companies of 5,017 Million Baht and profit for the year of 6,378 Million Baht after deducting general and administrative expenses.