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Business Overview

Business Highlight 2017
Consolidated revenue from sales increase 6% year-onyear to 450,921 Million Baht on higher chemicals prices, and consolidated EBITDA increased 4% year-on-year to 102,080 Million Baht, benefiting from the dividend income from associates companies. Consolidated profit for the year registered at 55,041 Million Baht, a decrease of 2% year-onyear, attributed to the weakness in the domestic Cement and Building Materials operations.

  Cement-Building Materials Business  
Revenue from sales was 175,255 Million Baht. EBITDA was 22,319 Million Baht, and profit for the year was 7,230 Million Baht, declining by 15 % from the preceding year due to subdued demand in the domestic market that had a downward pressure on prices and sales. However, SCG Cement-Building Materials continually focuses on boosting of its manufacturing base in ASEAN to accommodate government investment as well as local consumption and trading among ASEAN member nations.

  Chemicals Business  
Revenue from sales was 206,280 Million Baht. EBITDA was 64,461 Million Baht, and profit for the year remained stable at 42,007 Million Baht from slightly dropped of subsidiaries performance due to higher naphtha cost and strong Thai Baht, despite gain on investment sales and improved equity income from associates. SCG Chemicals has focused on developing new innovation, and increasing sales of High Value Added (HVA) products to satisfy customers’ needs, expand business further to strengthen our competitiveness, and take on all changes.

  Packaging Business  
Revenue from sales was 81,455 Million Baht. EBITDA was 12,431 Million Baht, and profit for the year was 4,719 Million Baht, rising by 32% year-on-year, as a result of higher sales volume and sales of Thai Union Paper Public Company Limited’s assets. SCG Packaging pledges to develop excellent quality packaging product and services to satisfy a diverse range of application needs in order to become a total packaging solutions provider.

EBITDA was 2,909 Million Baht, and profit for the year was 1,485 Million Baht. This could be attributed to the operating results of SCG Investment that recorded EBITDA inclusive of dividend from associated companies of 4,643 Million Baht and profit for the year of 5,500 Million Baht after deducting general and administrative expenses.