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Corporate Profile

Research and Development

SCG has been in the material business since the 1910. Our portfolio includes a wide array of products in downstream petrochemicals, polymer, paper, packaging, cement, construction and building materials. We also provide a global logistic network connecting South East Asia with Africa, Europe and America.

Since the beginning, innovation was our core strategy. We aim to bring our customers high performing products and services whilst striving for energy efficiency and sustainability. R&D is central to our ability to innovate and is the key driver of our future success. Our scientists and engineers continually strive to create new products and improve our production processes. Right now we have over 400 researchers and product developers many of those have PhD working in several research centers including: center for petrochemical, polymer and plastic research; center for pulp and paper research; center for cement and concrete research; center for information technology; center for building material innovation and corporate technology office for new technology and business acquisition.

Together with the marketing and production department, our researchers identify new product opportunity, carry out lab testing, and scale up process for commercial production. SCG researchers also have the opportunities to work on packaging design, commercialization and return monitoring. Partnership is very important to us and we work closely with our customer and supplier to ensure that we bring the right products to the market. We also work closely with international academic institutions and governmental organization to identify opportunities created by state of the art technology.

Innovation Development

Cement and Building Materials Business

Researched and developed SCG Eldercare Solution, a housing innovation for the elderly. This new line of solutions extends from bathroom products to encompass entire housing solutions to ensure convenience and safety. Examples include automatic night light, shock absorption floor, mobility aid for use inside and outside the house, and healthy wall material that absorbs odor and moisture.

Researched and developed innovations in cement and mortar by manufacturing the Platinum Formula Mortar, using flexible molecule technology that reduces the risk of cracking, thereby minimizing the cracks in the masonry wall and the need for repairs.

Researched and developed digital printing technology on fiber-cement board, made by an extrusion process, to give the board a beautiful texture similar to those of natural materials but with a stronger, more durable, and longer use, both interior and exterior.

Researched and developed 3D printing technology on cement including both powder bed printing technology and extrusion printing technology to facilitate construction, reduce waste at the sites, reduce labor, and accommodate the building of free form or architectural designs that cannot be achieved by conventional construction.

Researched and developed wide-ranging innovative prefabrication solutions with excellent quality and ease of use. For instance, the precast concrete panel provides value added with the smooth surface to minimize masonry and plastering and special formula non-shrink grout that prevents leakage between panel joints.

Researched and developed a wide array of interior precast concrete wall panels to match various application needs and construction demands. Examples are Walli-T, the precast concrete system that offers excellent strength and minimum panel joints, and the S Wall system that features lightweight, strength, and quick installation. They are ideal for today's construction industry faced with a persistent labor shortage.

Chemicals Business

Entered a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University to research and develop technology for petrochemical industry. Both parties also jointly established the SCG-Chula Engineering Research Center at the 100th Year Building of Faculty of Engineering to drive research projects addressing industrial needs and to cater for growing work scope with better tools and equipment.

Developed safe packaging innovation, a special grade of plastic resin for food packaging that tolerates temperature as low as -40 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, food freezes instantly, preserving the nutrition and taste of the food at its best. The plastic also withstands temperature of up to 130 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for heating food containing oil with high boiling point.

Established the first commercial plant in Thailand that converts chemical waste into inorganic salt for pulp bleaching within SCG. This patented conversion system decreases chemical usage and reduces water consumption by 100,000 cubic meters annually.

Design Catalyst, an SCG Chemicals' business unit dedicated to offering product design service to serve the needs of the customers, is committed to developing "Innovation for Care" to uplift the consumers' quality of life. Examples include:
  • Melamine tableware for the elderly, which was designed in collaboration with Klang Hospital to accommodate physical conditions of senior population. Made from high quality melamine, the tableware is light-weighted and easy to use.
  • Poly-Cast, a polymer splint designed to facilitate easier treatment. Produced from special polymer compound that becomes flexible at 60 degrees Celsius, Poly-Cast can be shaped effortlessly when exposed to moderate heat. This antimicrobial splint also employs porous design to ensure excellent ventilation and light weight without compromising its strength and durability.

Packaging Business

Developed "Fest", food safety packaging which is clean and safe for containing food. Fest is certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) on par with EU standards, USFDA standards, and EU Regulations. It addresses consumer needs and promotes better health for consumers.

Developed self-venting packaging for containing ready-to-go meals. Produced using the EazySteam technology, the packaging features a steam release mechanism that allows consumers to microwave the package's contents without first having to cut, punch or remove them from the package, thereby ensuring no food contamination, safety, and ease of use for consumers.

Developed Peel & Clear Lid Film, the anti fog cling film that allows consumers to see the packaged food clearly through the lid before making a buying decision. The film also allows for easy opening while preventing spills and contamination of scrap plastic with the food.

Established an industrial bag business to serve the needs of consumers for a variety of industrial bag styles. With pasted valve opening, the industrial bag facilitates stacking, allowing for more shipping space. Moreover, the special properties of the paper plies ensure moisture and heat protection, which help keep the products in good conditions for longer periods of time. On top of this, the micro perforation technique enhances ventilation efficiency, thereby keeping the work areas clean and dust-free.