At present, the logistics business (in ASEAN) is seeing a growing trend thanks to the steady expansion of import and export due to increasing consumer demand. State policies supporting the connection of transportation infrastructure, from ports, rails, and roads all the way to airports, has established Thailand as a vital trade hub in the region.

1. 1. Integrated logistics and supply chain services by SCGJWD

The recent merger of SCG logistics and JWD Logistics has created the largest integrated logistics and supply chain solutions provider in ASEAN. SCGJWD provides services for all industries and business groups including general products, temperature-controlled products, and hazardous products as well as products requiring special care. This covers goods such as medicines, pharmaceutical products, and artworks through direct shipment and multimodal transport across the country as well as cross-border. With a logistics network throughout Southeast Asia, SCGJWD is equipped to help customers grow their markets with services in nine countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. SCGJWD’s integrated logistics and supply chain solutions comprise the following :

• Logistics Infrastructure Service : Services include ports and terminals, barges, and customs clearance.

• Integrated Warehouse and Yard Management : This group of services includes general merchandise warehouses for all industries, fulfillment warehouses, and warehouses for special commodities such as temperature- controlled products, hazardous items, automotive parts, and commercial art pieces. There are also high-safety and security storage spaces for rent with a total warehousing space of 2.3 million square meters.

• Multimodal Transport : This group of services links all modes of transport – road, water, rail, and air – and includes cross-border transportation, as well as project cargo that requires logistics expertise and special equipment.

• Last Mile Delivery : Catering specifically to the e-commerce trend, these services are geared towards business-to-business-to-customer (B2B2C) and business-to-customer (B2C) businesses as well as those looking to relocate their businesses and seeking value-added services.

All of these services are enhanced with the IT technology that the company is continuously developing in order to increase the efficiency and safety across all service processes. This includes the “control tower” logistics and supply chain management control system, the telematics system for tracking driving data to optimize on-time delivery and efficiency, and the automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). SCGJWD also has Taksapipat School, which offers safe driving training for truck drivers and forklift operators. In addition, SCGJWD is committed to becoming a green logistics service provider that strives to take care of society and the environment by reducing energy consumption. This is done through the introduction of electric delivery vehicles and the use of solar power from rooftop panels in its warehouses in order to achieve ESG goals in a sustainable way.

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