1. DoCare (Health & Safety Monitoring Solution)

Enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and a digital platform, this solution not only connects homes to hospitals, thus putting access to healthcare at the fingertips, but is also equipped with an automatic data collection system that sends health data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, body temperatures, and weight, directly to hospitals, making real-time health monitoring and diagnosis possible. The solution also comes with an emergency assistance request and alert system with, among others, fall detection capabilities.


2. Medical plastic for a better living

SCGC Leveraging its expertise on plastic, engineering, and innovation design, combined with the knowledge and experience of medical professionals, SCGC has developed SCGC™PP resin and PVC for medical and pharmaceutical equipment, such as syringes, IV bags and tubes, and blood bags. The materials comply with international standards and are compatible with various sterilization methods. In addition, SCGC has developed various solutions to address the needs of medical professionals and patients in response to greater health consciousness and a transition to an aging society, such as:

• Smart Medication Cart

Enhanced with digital technology, the smart medication cart is equipped with a computer system and SCGC-developed software and requires the nurse to authenticate their identity as well as scan each patient for verification to unlock the medication drawer of that specific patient, thus enhancing medication dispensing accuracy and adding an extra layer of safety.

The cart has also been designed to have convenient handles, lockable wheels, and larger drawers to support vertical storage of bottles, truly meeting the needs of medical professionals. BDMS has now expanded the deployment of this innovation to its affiliated hospitals, such as Phyathai Hospitals and Paolo Hospital.

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• Smart Transfer Wheelchair

Developed with the transfer of patients in and out of a vehicle in mind, the wheelchair features armrests that patients can use to support themselves when standing up and can be folded to the back when necessary and the footrests that can be extended to support the feet for users with leg injuries or weakness or users who wear a cast and can be folded away with a special button. The wheelchair also comes with a three-point safety belt, much like the type found in automobiles. The material has also been chosen to ensure hygiene. The cushion is made from SCGC’s proprietary foam material, which is resistant to disinfectants and scratches, meaning that the seat will not harbor pathogens or dirt.

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• Synthetic latex for the production of nitrile gloves

SCGC has joined hands with BST, Thailand’s only synthetic nitrile latex producer, to develop medical nitrile gloves that afford a similar level of flexibility to natural latex but offer superior strength and resistance to puncture and chemicals. The innovation also prevents allergic reactions to proteins found in natural latex gloves, thus reducing risk and enhance the operational safety of medical professionals.

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• VAROGARD face masks

The single-use medical face mask offers protection against pathogens and greater confidence for individuals at risk of respiratory infections, those required to be in a crowded place, patients, the elderly, and children. With the HeiQ Viroblock technology from Switzerland, it has over 98% bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) and over 95% particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and has undergone efficiency testing by leading institutes.

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3. Health Medical Solutions from SCGP

Health Medical Solutions from SCGPSCGP advances its integrated service strategy by expanding into the medical supplies and labware industry in response to the global trend of greater health-consciousness as well as joining hands with Thailand’s leading distributors of medical suppliers and labware to expand domestic and regional markets. SCGP also seeks to deliver innovation health products and medical supplies as well as dietary supplements and personal care products to elevate the quality of life and enhance the growth potential of the business.

  • Deltalab : High-quality medical supplies and labware by Deltalab are developed to meet the growing trend of health consciousness both in Thailand and overseas. Examples include Deltaswab, which can collect more microbiological samples from the body, vacuum urine containers that minimize contamination as they can be emptied without opening the lid and pouring, and Cyroinstant tubes with a preservation system for the cold storage of microbiological culture in which the sample can be replicated and used many times.
  • ALMIND by SCGP : This alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains the natural extract AQUACELLATM. This nano-technology innovation from SCGP helps lock in moisture and deeply nourishes the hands. It is also perfect for children or those prone to allergies as it has been dermatologically tested by DermScan to be safe. It is available for sale at Facebook “ALMIND by SCGP,” SCGP Healthcare in Shopee as well as in Lazada and OfficeMate Online.
  • HOLIS by SCGP : The dietary supplement is made with finest natural ingredients meticulously sourced from around the world and produced to international standards to ensure it meets the daily nutritional requirements. The highlights are as follows: (1) It is SCGP’s exclusive innovation. SCGP leverages its knowledge and expertise on tissue cultivation to develop golden cordyceps containing a regular amount of high-quality cordycepin, which has been certified to the highest international standard GHPs/HACCP 2020. (2) Made with ingredients from premium brands recognized for safety and effectiveness, the product offers superior safety and traceability. (3) The supplement is odorless, easy to eat, and comes in compact packaging. HOLIS by SCGP is now available at SCGP Healthcare on e-marketplace, at website: Find more information and updates at Facebook: HOLIS by SCGP.