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Four Core Values of SCG

The present prosperity, success, and stability of SCG are the result of doing business according to its ethical core values – the ideals that have been held in high regard and put into practice by the Board of Directors, by management, and by staff at all levels. They are:


It is the responsibility of SCG to ensure that all who come in contact with us are treated with equal fairness. For example:

  • Customers who use our goods and services will obtain maximum benefit in terms of quality and cost.
  • Shareholders will receive a proper rate of return on their investment.
  • Employees will enjoy both appropriate compensation and a good standard of living.
  • All groups of stakeholders will be fairly treated.


SCG is dedicated to right conduct and achieving the best results in all we undertake. All employees and persons who come into contact with SCG recognize the total effort, knowledge, and skill we devote to constantly improving what we do. We strive to learn and pursue whatever we can to help us overcome obstacles and advance in the path of growth and sustainability. This dedication will generate the best results for both SCG and all stakeholders.



SCG is convinced that each of our staff constitutes our most valuable assets. SCG has managed to prosper through the efforts of our good and knowledgeable people, who have chosen to spend their careers with us. We select the most ethical and capable individuals we can find, and then enrich them to cope with challenges of our changing times. In return, we provide all our employees with security and a sense of belonging. With such care and concern between the Company and staff, little wonder that our personnel work so hard and skillfully for the progress of SCG.



SCG behaves as a good corporate citizen in all communities and countries where we operate. We diligently perform our social duties and responsibilities while engaging in activities to preserve natural resources and sustainability of the environment.

SCG Code of Conduct means good business practice based on SCG Four Core Values for all SCG employees to hold on to and adopt as guidelines for work appropriately. It forms part of Employee Regulation.

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