SCGP and its Alliance Unite to Promote Household Waste Management

“Alliance Forms to Tackle Household Waste Problems”

Household Waste, a Minor Problem that Can Become a Major Issue

Thailand’s waste issue has remained intractable and unresolved, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, where the amount of waste has been skyrocketing. A sudden increase in consumption is understandable in such a predicament. However, the consequence has resulted in waste problems, and pollution due to poor waste management practices, which put severe risk on the people’s quality of life, living things, and environment. They will eventually contribute to global climate change

Waste Management Starts at Home

SCGP has joined hands with leading property developers to promote sustainable waste management at home, the smallest unit that plays a significant role in waste management.
o Partnership with “Sansiri” under the program “Sansiri Waste to Worth.” SCGP has co-established a sustainable paper waste recycling system by fully recycling used paper and paper-based packaging collected in the property’s projects. The drop-off points for used paper are available for tenants and people at the T77 community in the condominium and the community mall like Habito Mall, along with drop-off points for paper-based packaging at the construction sites and drop-off points for the used copier paper and paper packaging point in the company’s office.
o Partnership with Chewathai to encourage tenants to adopt waste separation. SCGP is responsible for using the collected and sorted waste as materials in the production of paper and other products such as paper bags, paper boxes, paper toys, paper furniture, and many more. These upcycled products will be used in the Chewathai condominium or residence projects or be given to other communities.
o Partnership with “Property Perfect” under the program “Green at Heart.” SCGP is responsible for buying and recycling used copy paper and paper-based packaging collected from the office and other Property Perfect’s projects. The revenue earned from the paper recycling project will be donated to Wat Phrabat Nam Phu.

Moreover, SCGP also partnered with the Thailand Post inviting the public nationwide to leave used packaging at drop-off points at any Post Office location nationwide under the campaign “reBOX.” For this project, SCGP is responsible for recycling waste items and making them into tables and chairs as 2021’s new year gifts for Border Patrol Police School students.

Developing a Sustainable and Green Mindset at Home

The household waste management campaign does not only promote a green mindset and responsible consumption with the practices of “Resource Maximization, Correct Sorting, and Proper Disposal” to a broader audience, but it can also help increase waste diversion from landfills or incineration as well as reducing the use of virgin materials in production and minimizing environmental impacts caused by litter on the road or in the river and ocean.


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