”Circular Economy: Actions for Sustainable Future”

Today, the earthís finite natural resources are being depleted, and the population growth and consumption demand are ever-increasing at an alarming rate. These factors have contributed to rapid environmental changes. And together with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, people are forced to change lifestyle habits to survive, adding to environmental degradation and growing risk of resource scarcity.

SD Symposium 2020 “Circular Economy: Actions for Sustainable Future” is a collaborative platform that invites all sectorsอto find solutions for a sustainable future with the Circular Economy, a concept that lays an emphasis on resource maximization covering the entire process from planning, designing, manufacturing, consumption, waste management to recycling. The platform aims to promote a radical shift in production and consumption and create a collaboration of all players, which are businesses, government, communities, and everyone in the society, together with expanding the partnership to support implementation in all sectors. When achieved, it can help resolve issues regarding the economy, society, and environment and create a sustainable future for communities, society, countries, and ASEAN.

“Sustainable Future Starts Today with All of Us”

4 Pre-Sessions prior to the SD Symposium 2020

“Circular Economy: Actions for Sustainable Future”

Prior to the SD Symposium 2020 “Circular Economy: Actions for Sustainable Future,” SCG has held pre-sessions to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, and case studies from experts and the Circular Economy’s key actors in various fields from different sectors. The purpose is to establish a collaborative network and participation, which will lead to initiative actions, development, and expansion. There are four pre-sessions, as follows:


Water Reuse Management

The session focuses on discussing water scarcity, flooding, and water pollution issues, which are national-level serious threats since these impact people’s livelihood. The purpose is to seek a better water management solution to maximize water sources based on the Circular Economy

Waste Management in Actions

The session focuses on discussing and seeking the “Guideline for Enhancing Waste Management in Thailand.” The purpose is to translate the conceptual plan into actions with collaboration from all the ecosystem players and push for long-term solutions as part of national policies.

Agri-Circular Economy

The session focuses on discussing and seeking the “Guideline for Implementing the Circular Economy in Agriculture.” The platform fosters knowledge exchange in Circular Economy-based best practices in agriculture and end-to-end solutions with the New Theory concept where innovation and technology are applied to improve production for sustainable agriculture.

CECI Collaboration Workshop

The session focuses on fostering discussion within the Circular Economy in Construction Industry (CECI) to exchange knowledge and find solutions. The session will also help promote cooperation and commitment in the construction industry to act based on the Circular Economy from designing, procurement, selection of environmentally friendly materials, construction, transportation, and construction waste management.