A Decade of SD Symposium

Collaboration for Sustainable Future

Environmental issues have always been present, while climate change has turned into a climate emergency, a global problem that should be addressed immediately. Climate change affects not only the environment but also the economy, society, and the general public.

SCG understands the severity of these issues as well as its various impacts; therefore, to mitigate its effects and improve the quality of living for all, SCG has put a sustainable development approach into practices across all its business.

In 2010, when SCG celebrated its 96th anniversary (8th cycle), SCG started its mission to share its knowledge and experiences in sustainable development and established a collaboration network from within Thailand to other countries in ASEAN as well as in other regions to achieve its goal in sustainable development across several levels. Its ultimate goal is to achieve the world’s sustainable development goals by organizing Thailand Sustainable Development Symposium (Thailand SD Symposium) since 2010.

Later in 2012, SCG hosted ASEAN Sustainable Development Symposium, an elevated forum, to include leading organizations in ASEAN and other countries that are known to be key forces in driving sustainable development to share their knowledge and best practices.

And this year, SCG is marking a decade of SD Symposium, a monumental milestone for its sustained efforts to build and expand broader collaboration on sustainable development at the national, regional, and global levels.

A Decade of SD Symposium

Thailand SD Symposium 2010
October 18, 2010

The Symposium marked the start of the process to create the understanding of Sustainable Development (SD) concept, the emerging transition that required private sectors’ understanding, awareness, and serious implementation. Business and corporations in the modern era should focus on both generating profit and caring for people and environment. The innovation and technology should be developed in alignment with the value creation on environmental-friendly products and services that elevated lives of people in the community. The success in sustainable development implementation must take into consideration the collaboration from all related parties.

Thailand SD Symposium 2011
September 19, 2011

The exchange of experiences between world-class corporations in the adjustment to the sustainable development. Today the world faced the adverse climatic changes and increasing global population amid limited natural resources leading to high allocating cost of natural resources. Pollution control is necessary but requires generous amount of budget. Therefore, the best solution is to make optimum use of natural resources and minimize environmental pollution. Raising awareness of sustainable development starts from transforming people’s mindset, creating organizational culture that prompts to respond to sustainable way, in addition to balancing business growth and environment and society development.

ASEAN SD Symposium 2012 “Sustainable Future in a Challenging World”
November 5, 2012

The symposium was to extend the Sustainable Development concept from the national symposium to ASEAN SD Symposium 2012 as the rapid change of global climate has caused extreme abnormalities in all sectors. Private sector, in cooperation with government sector and other stakeholders, have the significant role in undertaking greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, reduction in resources and water consumption, forest restoration, zero waste cities, etc.

ASEAN SD Symposium 2014 “Collaboration for ASEAN Sustainable Growth”
November 14, 2014

The symposium included the continuation of collaboration among ASEAN countries to further develop sustainable development mechanisms. As ASEAN is being pointed out as the world’s overcrowded region and the largest food producer, the regional improvement will, therefore, have impact on the world community. The private sectors are obliged to change their mindset from considering the investment in sustainable development as risk to allowing the investment in sustainable development for the better world.

SD Symposium 2015 “Innovation for Sustainability: The Power of Collaboration”
November 6, 2015

One of the key successes of the world-class organizations is the use of innovation and technology as the tool to develop value-added products and service to fit the consumers’ needs, in concurrent with the improvement of quality of lives and the reduction of impact on environment. The organizations that funded and brought the projects to the market play the vital part in sponsoring innovation and technology. With collaboration from public sectors, the developed projects will be promoted to the production of valued-added products and services and create the new industry for the better sustainable future.

SD Symposium 2016 “Thailand Sustainable Water Management Forum”
June 20, 2016

The concept of Sustainable Development has been promoted after consecutive years of symposium in the national and ASEAN levels. As Thailand has faced various types of water problem such as water scarcity and flooding, the platform was extended to solve the problems that obstruct the Country’s sustainable development. Thailand Sustainable Water Management Forum was organized to brainstorm ideas to tackle water management problems at hand. The water management had been systematically centralized to create the effective water resources conservation and restoration as well as sustainable water management. Results of the brainstormed ideas were adopted by the Government the concept and carried out as the concrete actions.

SD Symposium 2018 Circular Economy: The Future We Create
July 9, 2018

Amid the world natural resources crisis, it is important to gain a clear understanding of the new growing trend and awareness of Circular Economy concept. The comprehension of the make-use-return approach from all sectors will lead to the optimization of resources consumption during manufacturing and consuming processes. The innovation, determination, and engagement from all related parties will drive the creation of products with longer life span and platform for resources sharing and recycling. Moreover, business model would be accordingly adjusted to provide services as products and procure circular-economy-based resources. The application of circular economy concept in the symposium was well embraced resulting in the solid collaboration in the circular economy-based initiative projects between SCG and other organizations.

SD Symposium 10 Years "Circular Economy: Collaboration for Action"
August 26, 2019

The purpose is to promote the continuity of circular economy by establishing the collaboration and calling for actions across all sectors; public, private and civil society. The symposium aims to initiate the collaborative network at national and international levels. Applying digital technology and innovation to drive business can achieve the optimal use of resources and deploy the circular economy principle. The symposium is organized to welcome the expert inputs and develop solutions that address national waste management. The outcomes shall be presented to the Thai government to create the national environmental management plan under the circular economy framework to attain the sustainable development goals for a sustainable world.

SD Symposium 2020 “Circular Economy: Actions for Sustainable Future”

The Symposium demonstrates another step towards the application of circular economy. It provides a platform for all sectors to showcase their capabilities, build and expand collaborative networks in the area of sustainable development in Thailand and ASEAN and worldwide, and create innovation and technologies to save the world with the aim of achieving sustainable development goals mutually.