SCG Circular Way Concept

SCG Circular Way is a practice to encourage recycling behavior by emphasizing on reduced resource use,prolonged durability and recovery process for maximized benefits. As demands for resources has grown substantially, many sectors, including government, the public sector, and the private sector, have put their focus on maximizing resource efficiency.

As a result, they have embraced adaptation strategies to build sustainable growth in the long run. This can only be achieved if all sectors earnestly engaged in moving Thailand and ASEAN countries toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


SCG has a passion and commitment to sustainable development by incorporating circular economy principles into business operations. The Company established the Circular Economy Committee to formulate strategies and policies as well as following on Circular Economy activities at the global level and applying them to foster local-level collaboration and creating a national network. SCG is striving to develop products and services in line with Circular Economy principles with innovation on top of encouraging employees and business partners to adopt Circular Way by using resources in the most efficient way in production, usage, and recovery.

However, SCG alone cannot achieve a wide success. SCG gives priority to partnerships with all sectors to push Thailand and ASEAN countries forward to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).


and Circular Economy

SCG has adopted the circular economy in its operations with approaches to use resources in the most efficient way in production, usage and recovery. The process will be implemented through three strategies:

  1. Reduced Material Use and Durability, e.g., Green Carton, which requires 25% less raw materials but remains the same durability.
  2. Developing innovations to replace existing products or raw materials with new ones with Upgrade and Replace strategy, e.g., SCG Hybrid Cement that use superior raw materials than traditional cement to improve structural strength and durability.
  3. Reuse and Recycle, e.g., “CIERRATM,” functional materials that offer a single material with diverse applications to replace the use of many materials, enabling better recyclability.