Managing Waste Materials from the Manufacturing Process By Noritake SCG Plaster Company Limited

“Transforming Waste in Landfills to Valuable Alternative Materials”

Burying Industrial Waste Results in Losses of Valuable Resources

Waste management is a key challenge for factories. Traditionally, industrial waste from the manufacturing process would be buried in landfills. However, if there is a large amount of waste and the factorydo not carry out the burying process correctly, industrial waste can result in environmental pollution which can harm the people in the area with unpleasant odor or dust. Moreover, burying waste means that the manufacturer loses resources that could otherwise be reused.

Giving a New Life to Industrial Waste

Noritake SCG Plaster Company Limited is a joint venture between SCG and Noritake (Japan) and is a manufacturer and distributor of products in the ceramic, sanitary ware, and construction cement. The company has applied circular economy to its practice by using molds from clients in the ceramic, sanitary ware, glove, accessories, dental, tire, and the cast industries as raw material to manufacture product molds as well as transform the molds into other products such as cement flower pots or garden decorations. Moreover, the company works with Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Mahidol University, to experiment with waste from the manufacturing process and use it as an alternative material to make molds for artificial organs, resulting in less waste which would have been buried in landfills.


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