Magic Hands x WON Project

“Introducing Plastic Waste Drop Off Points or “Tung Won Thung” to Prevent Plastics Leaking into the Environment”

Thailand Faces the Problem of Over 1.5 Million Tonnes of Unmanaged Plastic Waste Per Year

Thailand generates over 2 million tonnes of plastic waste per year, however, only 0.5 million tonnes are recycled in order for the resources to be reused, while the rest ends up in landfills and leaks out into the environment which has caused many issues for humans, animals, and the ecosystem.

350 “Tung Won Thung” Points to Drop Off Leftover Plastic for Recycling

The Magic Hands x WON Project was initiated by the Thailand Public-Private Partnership for Plastic and Waste Management(PPP Plastics)which was led by The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) and more than 30 partners in the public sector, private sector, and civil society including SCG. This joint project between Magic Hands and WON aims to sustainably manage plastic waste by offering “Tung Won Thung” which means “binsfor circulating used plastic bags” that allows the general public to donate 12 types of clean plastic bags and packaging in Bangkok and its vicinities as well as in the provinces of SuphanBuri, Chonburi and Rayongat more than 350 drop off points such as Central department stores, The Mall department stores, Tesco Lotus shopping centers, and Bangchak gas stations. Items that are accepted in the “Magic HandsProject x WON Project” include plastic bags and clean plastic shrink film such as diaper bags, plastic films that are wrapped around water bottles, and bubble wrap which often comes with online purchases. The plastic waste is then transformed into plastic pellets that can be recycled and processed to become plastic bags, shopping bags, and other plastic products once again.
Moreover, for every kilogram of plastic bag and shrink film packaging received, the project will donate 5 bahtto the Rare Marine Life-Saving Center as a fund for missions to rescue injured sea creatures.

Inspiring Further Cooperation to Expand the Network as a Waste Recycling Business Model

Today, the “Magic Hands x WON Project” offers “Tung Won Thung” drop off points at over 350 locations where the general public has dropped off over 2 million tonnes of waste, which is equivalent to a 1,821-kilograms reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The project is set to increase the number of the drop off points as well as seek new cooperation with waste collectors and the recycling business in order to shift to a new recycling business model in the near future.



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