ZeroMoment : this store has no packaging!

22 July 2019 3537 views

“We just have to change our behavior by always bring our own wares”

      Everything starts with ourselves, we must change our behaviors to make the world a better place. These words are easy to be said, but it is not too difficult to be done either. The environment’s issue will get better by changing our behaviors.

“I’m not thinking BIG to change the world, but only do something that I can do to help the world. This make me happy”

Miaow Rudeechanok Chongsathien, an owner of ZeroMoment Refillery, the shop with the concept of saying no to the plastic bag and ask her customer to bring their own wares. This Business model not only helps decreasing the trash, but a concept of Circular Economy which helps people changing their behaviors to think before using the resource.

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