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       SCG believes that implementing BIM or Building Information Modeling to the construction business from the initial stage of design and construction can decrease the amount of construction waste by creating a 3D building model that incorporates architectural plans, structures, and systems together by inputting the data about materials and components in the building to the system. Once any material or any part of the model is changed, the change will reflect in the model, allowing better timeline management and clash detection in which project managers can revisit through the model before the actual construction begins.

Sample SCG Projects Using the BIM Technology

       1) Solar Cell Installation Project at Khaeng Khoi Cement Factory Phase 3: implementing BIM technology to calculate the necessary materials — such as the amount of foundation piles and solar cells — to accurately place orders for these materials without losing precious space for storage and wasting management costs.

       2) Waste-to-Power Management Facility at Map Ta Phut: implementing BIM technology to serve as clash detection in the construction, architecture, electrical, motor, and plumbing works by shifting the plans from 2D to 3D and combining the architectural plans and structural plans together. Through the project, SCG was able to monitor the positions and errors that may be caused by machinery before the construction begins, decreasing the amount of incidents where plans had to be changed onsite.

Now, SCG products are projected into 3D objects for compatible use with BIM software such as Revit and ArchiCAD on the BIMINONE platform (, a source for the largest BIM Library in Thailand, where architects, engineers, draftsmen, or BIM users for design and building construction can download and use.

Download BIM objects for SCG products and other brands for further use at no costs at



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