How do you see the world? The world full of trash or full of beautiful things?

4 December 2019 4044 views

This is the voice of the next generation who believes the world can be a better place.

The voice of the little ones who want go out and play, and sing in their beautiful world. 

It is the voice that we want you to listen, listen to what they have to say about their perspective of our world.

It is the voice that asking for our cooperation to create a better world.

A chance for us, adults, to build a brighter future from our own hands by taking a deep consideration and the right action in our consumption behaviour, waste collecting, waste sorting, and the circular economy to maximize the value of our natural resources.

No matter the generation you are, any helping hands, big or small, together we can definitely make a better and beautiful world.

#SCG #SCGCircularway #BeTheChange



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