Eco Factory, A Business Operational Approach to Sustainable Community and Environment

22 October 2020 3135 views


  • Meet the Eco Factory, an SCG's sustainable development strategy.
  • The strategy encompasses five core areas: physical, economic, social, environmental, and administration.
  • SCG is Thailand's first 100% Eco Factory certified company.

Let’s deep dive into SCG’s sustainable development project, a “green manufacturing system” that aims to improve the quality of life of communities surrounding industrial factories conjointly with business operations.

SCG adheres to sustainable development principles when it comes to business and industrial philosophy where it puts a particular focus on the environment. SCG has created and developed innovations to uplift the people’s quality of life and focus on the development and improvement of manufacturing processes and continuous and sustainable environment management on the basis of social responsibility both inside and outside the organization.

Good Factory, Sustainable Community and Environment

Eco Factory is a factory committed to conducting its operations in an environmentally friendly manner for sustainable development, covering five core areas of eco-industrial town: physical, economic, social, environmental, and administration.

Chemicals Business, SCG, is a leader in plastic and chemical innovation. It continuously strives to develop for sustainability by incorporating Eco Factory criteria into its environmental management. This strong commitment has made Chemicals Business, SCG, Thailand’s first industrial group with 100% eco factory certified.

Action for Community and Environment

Business growth must be achieved in conjunction with the progress of the community and the environment. To achieve this, SCG has carried out several initiatives and activities in line with eco-industry criteria, as follows:

Physical Area. Various types of trees are planted as barriers between industrial activities and communities (Protection Strip) and a three-monthly environmental standard monitoring report for the community.

Administration Area. SCG has created and developed innovations to fulfill environmental needs such as Enclosure Ground Flare and Hydrocarbon Exchange Project. Besides, to improve the efficiency of energy management in industrial works, SCG has developed an innovation, emisspro®, Thailand’s first coating substance for industrial furnaces and boilers, to help reduce heat loss in the production process, saving the energy by 2-6%. Currently, SCG provides an end-to-end service, from consulting to maintenance. Another SCG’s innovation is Ci-Bot (Carburization Inspection Robot), a robotic innovation that can inspect the amount of carbon that penetrates tubes’ material.

 Environmental Area. SCG has introduced a wide array of conservation projects such as a solar energy pilot project “Solar PV Rooftop,” “Floating Solar Farm” in factories’ water reservoirs, water reuse project, and Fish Home project.

Social and Economic Area. The company has maintained good relationships with over ten communities around the factory and strived to uplift their well-being and quality of life where they can be self-reliant based on sustainable development principles. On top of this, the company has helped communities establish community enterprises to generate a sustainable income for communities.

All these sustained efforts of SCG have resulted in the harmonious coexistence of business, industry, community, and environment based on the Circular Economy grounds. Besides, this success has led to a mutual and sustainable growth of the business, society, and the environment. 



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