Are You Ready or Not To Step into Circular Economy?

21 June 2019 2161 views

No amount of success can happen from one person or one group alone but it can happen from the cooperation of everyone, every group, and all sectors involved. What’s better than success is the sustainability that will happen to this planet of ours. Therefore, this new challenge is not just for the Earth Conservationists that must take part in.

       If our planet is to escape from its serious environment, everyone, every group, and all sectors must take part in the challenge, because, in Circular Economy, it extends from the very beginning, starting with the makers to the sellers up all the way to the buyers on the final end. When the product reaches its lifespan, those involved from the beginning, along the way, and the final end must be involved in the sustainable management of those resources and to the maximum benefit of the economy, environment, society, and for a better life quality.

       Let’s see who has what to do in this challenge

       Makers are considered to be the starting point: the heart of the Circular Economy system, because, before the manufacturing of various products, it must be studied carefully including the possibility of manufacturing, actual usage, and the possibility of bringing a part back to become a new resource. The relation of quantity, demand, price, and other factors involved including methods and processes in the factory that may need investment to change some of the production line. Thus, this will be a challenge to the makers whether they will be able to step into Circular Economy sooner or later.

In addition, the makers must come up with a way to receive the products that has reached its lifespan to be recycled as resource to ensure convenience and create certainty that they will receive the resource back into their system.

       Sellers are the middlemen between makers and buyers. They are the key factor in the success of this challenge because they must respond to the product from the makers and try to change buyers’ behaviors or create awareness to see the importance and the necessities to the Circular Economy that all are involved.

       Buyers are the people on the final end that must be aware of the responsibility towards the environment, change their consumption behavior by supporting environmentally friendly products or the least impactful to the environment. This includes learning to separate waste to be reprocessed so that it will benefit the Circular Economy completely.

       The most important thing for those in the Circular Economy system is that they must think of themselves as one of the driving mechanism in the Circular Economy system, every behavior and every change affects all of the Circular Economy system.

The term ‘Circular Economy’ may be new to Thais, but the awareness of the environmental problems can be expressed by the actions of the government sector, private sector, and the citizens such as waste separation campaigns, the usage of cloth bags or even the reduction of waste in daily life. These examples are the truth that is happening and it will grow if all parties seriously cooperate to create sustainability at the national level.

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