Ban Sa Subdistrict, Lampang Province

12 March 2020 1253 views

Community waste problems Not difficult anymore !! Just pass on knowledge to people in the community to understand how to think. Help each other campaign to separate waste properly and create value.

Model community like Ban Sa Sub-District, Chae Hom District, Lampang Province Formerly experiencing problems of community waste overflowing No landfill Ban Sa Subdistrict Municipality and SCG have therefore supported Providing knowledge on waste management in accordance with the circular economy. Cultivate separation of garbage in each house into a routine And promote waste separation activities in the community

Causing no matter what kind of waste How much … can manage under control. And make the world a better place For future generations

We can all work together to help build the world. Just change the way you think. Adjusting waste separation methods In accordance with the SCG Circular way

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