“KoomKah” Holistic Digital Solution for Waste Banks to Promote Sustainable Recycling Based on Circular Economy

11 November 2019 3073 views

     SCG by Chemicals Business has unveiled an application “KoomKah,” a holistic digital solution to help streamline waste bank management. The application will simplify purchase planning strategy and logistics while reducing management costs and enabling better waste management at source for waste bank operators and members. The solution will also improve the public waste handling behavior regarding waste separation at source and proper waste disposal and promote sustainable recycling practices in line with the Circular Economy. The goal is to establish the practice in 170 communities by 2020.

     The application “KoomKah” consists of 5 key features: 

1. Buy to record waste data and calculate trading amount

2. Membership Management to collect membership data and history of point redemption and collection

3. Sell to record sell data and calculate revenue and profits from trade

4. Inventory Management to organize waste category, cost and point collection from Buy segment for trade strategy improvement

5. Report to help user evaluate data and download excel file for further analysis.

For more information: https://www.scgchemicals.com/th/products-services/technology-solutions/koomkah



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