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SCG began business operation in Indonesia since 1995 by opening a trading office which mainly focused on trading and market research, and gradually expand investment in diversified businesses such as PVC, ceramic tiles, and join venture with partner in building materials business.

During past years, SCG invested in array of businesses in Indonesia to pursue the company’s vision to become a regional leader with emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Today, SCG has approximately 7,200 employees in Indonesia and total of 28 subsidiaries in three core businesses, namely, cement-building materials, chemicals, and packaging. SCG continues to study market possibility to seek for long-term investment which can contribute to sustainable growth of Indonesia.

scg Business Unit


Total Cement and building materials supplier and distributor, including retail business with national network, not only for structure, but also roofs, walls, ceilings and landscapes that are known to have the best quality standards in their class.


Develop high-quality plastic chemicals that will contribute to the development of infrastructure for a better life in Indonesia. The chemicals business also has a joint venture with Indonesia’s leading petrochemical company, PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical.


Packaging business offers a diverse to address need of customers such as paper packaging and offset printing system with ‘Circular Economy’ principle that supplies customers across Indonesia.




PT. Semen Jawa
Semen berkualitas premium dari pabrik semen lapangan hijau pertama SCG di Indonesia.


SCG Lightweight concrete block

PT. SCG Lightweight Concrete Indonesia
Penghematan energi kualitas premium Beton Ringan Ringan Autoclaved.


Pipe & Precast

PT. SCG Pipe and Precast Indonesia
Produsen pipa dan beton dengan fokus pada struktur beton kering.


Beton Readymix (Siap-Campur)

PT. SCG Readymix Indonesia
Pemasok beton siap pakai pertama dan terbesar di Indonesia yang menawarkan produk dan layanan premium yang didorong oleh inovasi SCG.


Atap Keramik, Dinding, dan Ubin Lantai

Salah satu pemimpin ubin keramik terkemuka di Indonesia dengan beragam produk keramik yang berkualitas.



PT. Kokoh Inti Arebama
Distributor bahan konstruksi terkemuka untuk produk keramik SCG dan lain-lain dengan jaringan dan logistik yang kuat di seluruh Indonesia.


PVC Resin

PT. TPC Indo Plastic and Chemicals
Produsen PVC terkemuka di Indonesia dengan PVC resin sebagai bahan baku utama.



PT. Primacorr Mandiri
Pabrik kemasan pertama SCG di Indonesia yang menawarkan baik kemasan maupun bahan baku yang berkaitan dengan kemasan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan konsumen seluruh Indonesia.

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With the emphasis on sustainability, SCG continuously contributes to society and community where it operates as well as improves Indonesian’s quality of life. Throughout the years, SCG has proved to pay increasing attention and effort to CSR activities, strengthening the commitment of the group in the well-being and the development of Indonesian people in many other programs.


SCG Donates Innovative Positive-Pressure Swab Chamber Solutions for Indonesia

SCG #CareTogether Together to protect the frontline in handling COVID-19 by donating innovative solutions to 40 positive-pressure swab chambers in the amount of 1 billion rupiah for Indonesia. This donation was symbolically handed over to the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB Indonesia), Mr. Doni Monardo, on Wednesday (10/6) in Jakarta and to the Governor of West Java, Mr. Ridwan Kamil, on Friday (19/06) in Bandung, West Java which is then distributed to various hospitals and health laboratories in Indonesia.

The Swab chamber, which is an innovative solution by SCG to prevent the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 from patients to medical staff, was built with hollow steel structure and sandwich wall panels made of metal and foam which makes this chamber sturdy, lightweight, sterile, and fast in the production process. The SCG Swab Chamber also uses a positive pressure method to ensure that air that may have been contaminated outside is not contaminated into the chamber. In addition, this room is equipped with 99.97% HEPA Filters and UV light which can kill viruses and exhaust fans to ensure the safety and comfort of medical personnel in conducting examinations.

Our New Normal | SCG in Indonesia

Hello, SCG People! A new normal means that we are returning to our everyday routines, but everything will be different. It may be sounded daunting and terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our workspace can be both safe and productive, where we can collaborate with our teammates, even when we are standing a couple of meters apart from each other. For the sake’s of everyone’s health and safety, here is the story of SCG companies in Indonesia following the health protocol to welcome the New Normal. Stay safe, stay healthy!

News RElease

Supporting Citarum Harum Program, SCG Holds Groundbreaking Reinvented Toilet Project in Bandung, West Java

Applying ESG Principles and Circular Economy, SCG Revitalizing Public Toilets and MCK Using Advanced Technology, Reinvented Toilet, from Zyclonic™ by SCG, in Pasirluyu, Bandung, West Java

Sharing The Dream

SCG continues to contribute improving the quality of life of Indonesian people, especially around SCG, one of the way is through the SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship since 2012. In 2018, 410 scholarships were awarded to 400 high school students and 10 undergraduate students. Together we have succeeded in helping Indonesian children realize their dreams.

Keripik Pisang Kartini oleh PT Semen Jawa

This program is a community empowerment program to produce banana chips with various flavors by PT Semen Jawa and PT Tambang Semen Sukabumi around the place where the company operates. With this CSR program, SCG helps the community to be more independent and skilled.

Excellence Internship

SCG Excellence Internship program aims to help improve the capabilities of Indonesian students, especially in preparation for welcoming the ASEAN Economic Community. It is aimed to gain experiences and skills of Indonesian students required for their future careers. Amid the intense competition and crisis of qualified human resources, this program can equip the students with knowledge and the expected skills in the professional world, all to help further their future career development.

Career Camp

The program is designed to select students who are about to graduate both bachelor and master degrees from various universities across Indonesia. These students have been selected by submitting the required data on the link that we provide. Students who join Career Camp will gain experiences and skills required for their future careers.


Supporting Citarum Harum Program, SCG Holds Groundbreaking Reinvented Toilet Project in Bandung, West Java

Applying ESG Principles and Circular Economy, SCG Revitalizing Public Toilets and MCK Using Advanced Technology, Reinvented Toilet, from Zyclonic™ by SCG, in Pasirluyu, Bandung, West Java

Bandung, 3 Desember 2021 SCG, a leading company in ASEAN, signed the Minutes and held a Groundbreaking for the construction of a high-tech public sanitation, SCG Reinvented Toilet, in Pasirluyu, Regol, Bandung, West Java as a form of the company’s contribution to a better community life and support for West Java Harum Citarum Program on Friday (3/12). This Reinvented Toilet technology can convert wastewater into pathogen-free water so that it can be reused for toilet flushing and irrigation.

The inauguration of the Reinvented construction with the signing of the Minutes and Grounbreaking by Mrs. Pathama Sirikul as President Director of PT SCG Indonesia, Mr. Boy Iman Nugraha, Head of the West Java Province Housing and Settlement Service, and Mrs. Ema Mariana, Head of Non-Governmental Organizations. The Reinvented Toilet program was carried out by the Toilet Project involving Zyclonic™ by SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. for the concept of sanitation and toilets, as well as SCG Cement and Building Materials Indonesia and SCG Chemicals Indonesia for building toilets.

Pathama Sirikul, President Director of PT SCG Indonesia, said, “The Reinvented Toilet Project Program is an SCG initiative and innovation based on the Circular Economy and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles whose technology was developed by Zyclonic™ by SCG. This technology allows the recycling of wastewater so that the waste is not wasted and pollutes the river but can be reused for toilet flushing and irrigation. This program is also a form of SCG’s support for the West Java Citarum Harum Action Plan Program, particularly in the Domestic Wastewater Management Program category which has a target of achieving 100% proper sanitation and access to safe sanitation by 2030 according to the SDGs agreement.”

The Reinvented Toilet Project program initiated by SCG Indonesia is the first project in Indonesia carried out in RT 02 and 03, RW 01, Kel. Pasirluyu, Kec. Regol, Bandung City, West Java. The location was chosen based on a recommendation from the Disperkim of West Java Province by considering the general sanitation conditions in the area that did not meet the PHBS (Clean and Healthy Lifestyle) standards so that it needed revitalization and the location was in the Citarum river basin with a total of people using this facility reaching 30 Heads of Families or about 150 Residents.

Mr. Boy Iman Nugraha as Head of the West Java Province Housing and Settlement Service said, “The presence of toilets is very important, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a clean and healthy lifestyle. We really appreciate the initiation and innovation of SCG. Public toilets and MCK with the sophistication of reinvented toilet technology are new things that will be very beneficial for the community.”

Pembangunan Reinvented Toilet ini akan dimulai pada Desember 2021 dan diprediksi akan rampung serta akan diserahterimakan kepada masyarakat pada kuartal pertama tahun 2022. Program ini memperoleh antusiasme yang besar khususnya dari masyarakat setempat. “Kami berterima kasih kepada SCG atas inisiasinya merevitalisasi toilet dan MCK di RT 02 dan 03, Pasirluyu, Bandung dengan menggunakan teknologi canggih, Reinvented Toilet. Sarana ini akan sangat bermanfaat bagi ratusan warga yang bermukim di area ini dan juga bagi lingkungan,” ungkap Ibu Ema Mariana, Ketua Lembaga Keswadayaan Masyarakat Kelurahan Pasirluyu, Bandung.

“We hope that the technology development and installation process of the Reinvented Toilet Project Program in Pasirluyu can run smoothly, good collaboration can be established between SCG, the government, and the community, and this facility will later be useful for people’s lives and a better environment,” concluded Pathama. .


About SCG

SCG, one of the leading business leaders in the ASEAN region, consists of three main businesses, namely: SCG Cement – Building Materials, SCG Chemicals, and SCG Packaging. Through more than 200 companies and approximately 57,000 employees, SCG creates and distributes innovative products and services that address the needs of today’s and future consumers.

SCG started its business operations in Indonesia in 1995 with a trading business and gradually expanded its investment in different businesses in the cement-building materials, chemicals, and packaging industries. As of today, having a total of 36 companies throughout Indonesia and having more than 8,300 employees, SCG offers a variety of premium products and services.

The products offered are infrastructure products under the ‘SCG’ brand including SCG Cement, Jayamix SCG ready mix concrete, SCG Smartblock lightweight concrete, SCG pipe and precast, ceramic walls, floors and roof tiles under the ‘KIA’ brand, PVC resin, corrugated containers, and offset printing packaging. SCG also offers fiber cement products and upstream-downstream chemical products from joint-venture businesses with Indonesian industrial partners. In addition, SCG also has a building material distribution business and dock terminal services that support sales and logistics for businesses including the online shopping platform to support Indonesia’s progress.