SCG Highlights Green Meeting Innovation, Circular Economy-based Meeting Practices at ASEAN SUMMIT 2018, Driving ASEAN Towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

15 July 2019 3229 views

       SCG introduced concept and guidelines for eco-friendly meetings with “Green Meeting” Innovation at ASEAN SUMMIT 2019 and all exhibits throughout 2019, highlighting Circular Economy concept as a model practice for eco-friendly meetings conducted in a resource efficient manner from the event design to execution such as minimized usage of printed materials, catering preparation, waste reduction to recyclable exhibitions. The goal is to push Thailand and ASEAN countries to achieve sustainable development goals.

       Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, Chief Executive Officer and President of The Siam Cement Public Company, disclosed: “SCG works with passion and focuses on sustainable development by incorporating the circular economy concept into organization’s end-to-end operations from product design to product development to deliver efficient, durable and cost-effective products while minimizing the use of resources. The material used can be reused again after a recycling process or similar practices. SCG has developed this practice into “green meeting” innovation or eco-friendly meeting practices and implement such guidelines in all SCG exhibits.

       For this ASEAN SUMMIT 2019 meeting, SCG is very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce “Green Meeting” innovation to help raise awareness and encourage participants to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. We shared a series of environmentally-friendly meeting practices ranging from event preparation, cutbacks in printed materials, exhibition venue preparation, usage of locally sourced food and beverages to waste reduction in the event on top of utilization of recyclable and reusable signage materials at ASEAN SUMMIT throughout 2019. The green practices also apply to recyclable event souvenirs or waste-to-value products. SCG hopes that resource efficient circular economy-driven practices and joint efforts towards sustainable solutions will help drive Thailand and ASEAN countries to accomplish sustainable development goals (SDGs).”

As for the next step, SCG will continue to focus on creating innovation to meet the needs of stakeholders and further development of sustainability by maximizing the resources according to the circular economy concept and adopting digital technology in the organization. These efforts will help elevate operations of the entire value chain which are significant foundations for building business growth and sustainability of all relevant parties. SCG aims to forge more cooperation to drive ASEAN to achieve sustainable development goals and become a model organization for knowledge transfer on sustainable development with the aim of enhancing Thailand’s industry.