SCG, Amata to Develop “KoomKah Smart Manifest” to Increase Waste Data Management Performance in Amata

5 October 2020 1477 views


  • Chemicals Business, SCG, has partnered with a company under Amata Group to develop a digital platform, "KoomKah Smart Manifest," to enhance Amata industrial cities' waste transportation data management. The platform will be built in line with the Circular Economy concept to reduce global warming and boost business confidence with a holistic waste management system.

Mr. Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, disclosed, “SCG has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding on the feasibility study for the development of the KoomKah Smart Manifest program with Amata Facility Services, a company under Amata Group. The partnership aims at transforming the current SCG’s web application ‘KoomKah’ into the ‘KoomKah Smart Manifest Program’ to serve as an end-to-end digital solution to support waste bank management for operations inside Amata industrial cities. 

SCG and Amata both realize the importance of resource efficiency. With knowledge sharing and reflection, the two companies can accelerate the implementation like previous projects such as Recycled Plastic Roads. For the collaboration to develop ‘KoomKah Smart Manifest’ to improve waste management within Amata industrial cities, SCG will lend its digital expertise and experiences to create ‘KoomKah’ web application that has been adopted by over 70 waste bank facilities. The digital platform ‘KoomKah Smart Manifest’ is expected to be completed by the end of the year.”

 Mr. Aukkares Choochuay, Managing Director of Amata Facility Service Company Limited, said, “This partnership is another Amata project in a move toward a Smart Environment City in a more concrete manner. This digital platform’s development will help enhance the waste management data system inside the Amata industrial cities.

Once completed, the program will boost businesses’ confidence in the industrial estates, where comprehensive waste management practices will be introduced and operated with transparency and accountability. The project also plans to promote the program’s adoption in nearby communities to improve waste management in the communities.”

To date, over 70 waste banks in Bangkok and the provinces across Thailand have implemented the “KoomKah” web application in a wide range of facility settings from community centers, educational institutions, companies, stores, to project-based establishments. The goal is to promote proper waste separation and create new value in place of the landfill method. The program will help achieve resource efficiency based on Circular Economy and prevent land-based waste from entering the ocean, a good way to reduce global warming.

“KoomKah” is ready to be developed into an end-to-end digital solution for large-scale businesses to help record daily waste data with a large member base. The platform can be customized to fit the system and usage of each facility settings.

Those interested in getting more information about “KoomKah,” an end-to-end digital solution for waste bank management, please contact us at KoomKah Facebook page or Official Line Account @KoomKah. 



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