We made a reason before doing the result.

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  • In the past, garbage was still a distant matter for people in society. Believe it or not. Chulalongkorn University used to produce as much as 2,000 tons of waste per year.
  • Those numbers, if left for a long time, would only rise up. So if you don’t start doing anything today Chula may become an excellent institution for producing talented and talented personnel. But poor in environmental management Which these two things shouldn’t walk together
  • The CHULA Zero Waste project was established. With the goal of reducing waste and creating good awareness for the people at the institute at the same time
  • This is another project that will make Chulalongkorn University to move forward without destroying the environment. Is a clean and elegant project

Real information is important.

From the statistical data collection, Chulalongkorn University produces as much as 2,000 tons of waste per year. Including wanting to create a good conscience for the people in the institute regarding waste management The university has therefore established the CHULA Zero Waste project with the goal of reducing at least 30% of the waste by the end of 2021 or 5 years from the project start date.

In the period before beginning the Warun project Waranya Non, a young master teacher who is an assistant to the project manager and the CHULA Zero Waste team, all spent 3 months collecting data so they can know everything about garbage in Chulalongkorn University. And not buttoning up the wrong button from the first tablet

“We attach great importance to data collection. Because all of our plans are made from data Therefore, the information that we have obtained must be tight and most importantly it must be true information. We and the team took ourselves to go ahead. We took the trash out and poured into it to see what’s inside. What kind of garbage is many people throwing away? What kind of waste does each faculty have? What waste is a single-use waste throw away? Which looking for information like this will make us know what the truth is Will have laid the policy correctly. “

Reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and then discard.

Ajarn Varun and the CHULA Zero Waste Working Group focus on reducing the use of single-use plastic bags that are hard to degrade. From the information from 7-Eleven and cooperative stores in the university It was found that each month a total of 130,000 plastic bags were picked up. In the beginning, the working group started with a soft dose. For the first time By asking the sellers in each store to ask customers whether they would pick up the plastic bags or not Just that, the amount of usage has been reduced to just 90,000, when there is a good trend. The next step is to increase the drug to be stronger than before.

“In the next step, we let the seller tell the buyer that we don’t have the bags anymore. If wanting, must pay 2 baht to understand the value of the purchased plastic bag and reuse Which the proceeds we will take to the university’s environmental fund Results show that from 90,000 to just 10,000, with the human body, we reduced the use of plastic bags by more than 90 percent to this day. The university has reduced the use of plastic bags by over 4 million. “

What happened was a magnificent achievement. However, the head of CHULA Zero Waste insists that it is not easy to come to this day. Every team has to fight with a little bit of friction. Especially in the beginning that most people don’t understand

The reason must come first.

“In the beginning, we were asked a lot of questions. He asked why he didn’t give a bag, it was his right. Some would ask, if not in the bag, then what to put in? But this is something that we had originally thought about. When we plan after getting the information, we analyze the problems and obstacles and how to handle them. Also, if our plans have not been prepared successfully We will have a backup plan or find new measures to achieve continuous work improvements and the best results. “

If you analyze all the things that the young master has arranged, it can be seen that CHULA Zero Waste is very focused and focused on planning and policy. Whether it is a matter of finding information, planning for waste management systematically Including dealing with obstacles that will occur on the way And having various measures to continuously improve work etc.

This method is very accurate because if you want to succeed. We have to start making good causes first.
Do not forget that everything in this world has one truth that never changes.

The reason must always come before the results.



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