About SCG in Dubai Expo

SCG, one of ASEAN’s leading conglomerates, operating business in compliance with ESG principles and sustainable development goals in the economy, society, and environment underpinned by good governance.
SCG is comprised of three core businesses: Cement-Building Materials Business, Chemicals Business, and SCGP. SCG strives to respond to our customer’s diverse needs through collaborative partnership cultivation and innovative products, services and solutions development.

This year, SCG joins World Expo 2020 Dubai as one of sponsors of Thailand Pavilion under the theme of ‘Mobility for the Future’

SCG is participating in the Expo and will have a booth at the Thailand Pavilion from December 21st to 26th , 2021.

For more information about Thailand Pavilion l World Expo 2020 Dubai , you can visit


three core businesses

Cement-Building Materials Business

"Continuously developing innovative products, services, and total solutions to better living”

Chemicals Business

Innovations for sustainable consumption and smart mobility


A Multinational consumer packaging solutions provider through innovative and sustainable offerings

Product Highlight SCG in Dubai Expo 2021

Explore the innovation
for better living

from each SCG’s businesses with product showcases.

Materials Business

Chemicals Business


Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG Smart Wall Privazy

Smart wall with sound blocked performance as same as traditional brick, but doubled thinner.

Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG Fiber Cement Board - Smartboard

High quality of fiber cement board. NO.1 Brand in Thailand.

Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG 3D Printing Mortar

SCG 3D Printing Mortar:
Product customization that suitable for various 3D printers.

Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG Ceramic Roof Tile: Excella Grace Series

a genuine ceramic roof tile. Majestic with the exclusive properties of real ceramic offering a smooth texture and everlasting vivid color.

Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG Fiber Cement Roof Tile: Ayara Series

with Z-TRON Shield technology provides a well-blended and harmonized paint color matrix to the tile texture that is long lasting, scratch resistant, and simple to clean.

Building Materials and Product Systems

SCG Acoustic: Cylence Zandera

SCG Acoustic for decorative Wall Panel : Cylence Zandera excellent sound absorbtion , reduce sound reverberation in the room and decorative in your style.

Decorative Products

SCG Modeena, D’COR series

Unique design with modern natural looks, and fast installation with clip lock.

Decorative Products

SCG Wood-D, D’COR series

Real wood look with digital printing technology, long lasting and fast installation with clip lock.

Decorative Products

SCG Fretwork, D’COR series

Unique and durable hi density fiber cement Façade with various designs.


High Performance Resins

Replacing traditional materials in lightweight and aesthetic automotive parts without compromising on the structural integrity, performance, or safety of vehicles.


Smart Transfer Wheelchair

An improvement on decades-old design to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of transfer wheelchairs. Smart Transfer Wheelchair encompasses innovative design and advanced material to meet the needs of the patient, medical staff, and hospital.



Providing green solutions and collaboration for partners to achieve sustainable goals along circular economy journey covering four major solutions of Reduce, Recyclable, Recycle, and Renewable.


i2P (Ideas to Products) Center

An innovation center for collaboration and co-creation with key stakeholders in the plastic value chain to develop new products and innovations that serve the needs of the future market.

Innovative packaging in daily life


Packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables to remain fresh for a longer period of time by controlling gas permeability that helps to optimize the respiration rate of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Innovative packaging in daily life


A shelf-life extension packaging for bakery and oxygen sensitive products by absorbing oxygen from the inside and keeps out oxygen and water vapor from the outside.

Innovative packaging in daily life


A microwavable flexible packaging for steamed food, which preserves food’s natural flavor, texture, and nutrition.

Innovative packaging in daily life


Packaging made from pure paper, which is fully recyclable and biodegradable, coated with chemical that can be ‘heat-sealed’ like plastic film paper.

Health & Well-being


A mild sanitizer product containing natural ingredients including  a cellulosic moisturizing (AquacellaTM) and aloe vera, with food grade alcohol for baby hygiene.

Health & Well-being


Dried Rice Plus Cordyceps Drink that comprises Thai rice and Chong cao (Cordyceps militaris) to boost immune system, liver system, kidney system, anti-aging and longevity.

Health & Well-being

Fest Bio

Food packaging produced from 100% eucalyptus pulps which is easy to heating up foods by microwave and oven, and can be biodegradable within 60 days.

Event & Activities


Tuesday, 21 December to Sunday, 26 December
10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Welcome to SCG Booth

21 Dec

SCG Booth inauguration

11:30 am - 12:00 am

On Stage:

Cement-Building Materials Business Introduction Video

11:00 am - 08:00 pm

Zoom Business Matching

13:00 am - 10:00 pm

22 Dec

On Stage:

SCGP Introduction Video

03:00 pm – 05:00 pm

Zoom Business Matching

11:00 am - 08:00 pm

23 Dec

On Stage:

Chemicals Business Introduction Video

03:00 pm – 05:00 pm

Zoom Business Matching

11:00 am - 08:00 pm

24 - 26 Dec

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Maximum number of visitors at a time is 8 persons to protect visitors from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

For those who can’t visit our booth, we also provide 360 virtual tours starting from 22 December 2021

For business opportunity,
please contact Dubai representative office
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E-mail : teerayso@scg.com

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