Our Company

Overview of Business and Vision

SCG is a leading business conglomerate operating the business for over a century in line with the principle of sustainable development and good corporate governance. Established in 1913 following the royal decree of His Majesty King Rama VI, SCG’s cement products were the essential materials for the construction of Thailand’s infrastructure projects during that period, which have contributed greatly towards the country’s modernization. Today, SCG comprises three core business units, namely 1) SCG Cement-Building Materials, 2) SCG Chemicals and 3) SCG Packaging. Since its inception, SCG has grown continuously and has earned widespread recognition as a role model for businesses, both locally and internationally.

SCG envisions to become a regional business leader with an emphasis on product innovation and excellent services to meet the customer’s needs and enhance consumers’ living standard coupled with encouraging sustainable growth for societies and communities where it operates.

SCG is committed to creating value for employees and all stakeholders. Under world-class management capability, SCG is the first in Thailand that achieves the world’s ranking in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) assessed by Robeco Sustainable Asset Management (RobecoSAM). SCG has been included in global ranking for 14 consecutive years since 2004. Such achievements reflect company’s good corporate governance and uncompromising safety standards and its goal to become a regional business leader in accordance with SCG’s vision.

Business Philosophy and Vision

SCG believes in the ethical conduct of our business. The Company’s Board of Directors, management and employees at all levels consistently comply with this business philosophy. SCG is thus recognized as a leading, credible enterprise that conducts its business with transparency, accountability and the treatment of all our stakeholders equally.

SCG Business Philosophy

  • Adherence to Fairness
    • Treat all stakeholders with fairness and equality
    • Integrity, transparency, and accountability
    • Work equally without prejudice to any particular group
  • Dedication to Excellence
    • Create innovation to respond to the needs of the society
    • Dedicate to goals and better results
    • Keep up to date with global trends and ready to respond to changes
  • Belief in the Value of the Individual
    • Develop employees’ potential at all levels consistently
    • Work as a team, care and respect each other
  • Concern for Social Responsibility
    • Comply with safety, occupational health, and environmental standards
    • Recognize the value of natural resources
    • Help preserve the environment, community, and participate in the social development

Open & Challenge

  • Open our mind to learning and Respect the difference
    • Open our mind, listen to others, and be flexible to learn regardless of our belief
    • Eager to learn and have courage to say we do not know
    • Collaborate and network both internal and external organization
    • Be courage to admit our mistakes and ready to learn to move forward
  • Challenge ourselves for the betterment
    • Do not limit ourselves to past nor present success
    • Think out of the box
    • Be assertive to express our different opinion, and accept the agreement after open discussion
    • Be courage to make decision in a timely manner, and willing to take and manage risks
    • Ready to turn our thinking and learning into action before being forced

SCG Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct compiles good business practices rooted in SCG’s Business Philosophy. It forms part of the rules and regulations to which all SCG employees are to adhere in their operations, and in so doing they contribute to the pride and reputation of the company.

Introduced in 1987 and revised to the 6th version currently in use in 2015, SCG Code of Conduct covers a wider range of regulations, policies, and guidelines on stakeholder engagement relevant to current contexts on issues including human rights and labour, environment, health and safety, anti-corruption practices, information disclosure, and trade competition.

Sustainable Business

SCG adheres to conducting its business with ethics, and responsibility to all stakeholders for sustainable mutual benefits. SCG has se t its Su stainable Development Framework in accordance with global practices, covering three dimensions of economy, society and the environment, with corporate governance as an overarching principle. It is to ensure that operations by our business units are aligned.

SCG is dedicated to creating value to the society through its environmentally friendly business operation. SCG is willing to share knowledge, experiences and success by engaging with all parties such as its relevant businesses throughout upstream and downstream, business organizations, institutes, including social and community-based enterprise to empower the society with strong and sustainability.

In 2016, SCG has launched its Environmental and Energy Policy to enhance efficient and effective implementation in all areas of SCG operations. The policy will also be applied when implementing any new project, modification project, due diligence as well as mergers and acquisitions.