SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship program started its journey since 2007, with annual awards to about 400 high school students nationwide. The program targets the hardship students with excellent academic performance and deep gratitude to their parents and provides them with financial support as well as personal development training. Since then, almost 4,000 dreams have been empowered by SCG through this program.

Aside from scholarship to high school students, SCG offers a support for SCG Sharing the Dream’s alumni who passed university exam at engineer, accounting, marketing, business administration which worth 7 million VND each.

Furthermore, to ensure the inclusive and equitable quality education for students, SCG has initiated the new learning platform as SCG Connect & Share to encourage the students enhance self-development from others through a proactive learning model.

SCG Connect & Share will be the platform for students to get connected. It is beneficial for them to have consultant with seniors in studying, able to share concerns and education knowledge among friends in order to have a better study in university. This will be done through serious of training sessions facilitated by SCG.

Besides its substantial impact in Vietnam, SCG Sharing the Dream program is also making changes in other ASEAN countries including the Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, and Indonesia with 5,000 scholarships awarded annually.