Circular way
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“Conserving Water from Mountain to Mighty River” Project

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       SCG has incorporated Circular Economy into its operations and introduced the concept as a guideline for community collaboration under the practice “SCG Circular Way.” The approach focuses on optimizing resource utilization in the most efficient and meaningful way from upstream, midstream to downstream. SCG has encouraged communities to manage efficient water strategies through “Conserving Water from Mountain to Mighty River,” an initiative to ensure infinite water resource to promote job creation, stable income, and sustainable community growth.

       The effective resource-circulating approach based on SCG Circular Way will enable efficient water management, create recurring values and bring a real shift toward a sustainable world.

       1. Upstream Areas 

       Check dam can help delay water flow, preserve soil moisture, and reduce the wildfire risk. Big trees can absorb carbon dioxide which will help maintain forest's ecological balance, leading frequent rainfall to consistently recharge water resources. The conservation efforts aim to ensure job creation and sustainable community growth.



       2. Midstream Areas 

       Sra Puang is a water distribution system that navigate the water from high to low grounds.

Monkey Cheek is a water flow management that works by connecting water route with dredged canals, ensuring sufficient supply for people to benefit from water resource management interventions.

       3. Downstream Areas 

       Fish Home is used as a replacement of natural refuge for marine species. The artificial reefs in introduced in the form of Fish home, made of PE100 pipe leftover from manufacturing tests for polyethylene, and seawater resistant marine cement. When the fish returns to sea, the fishermen's livelihood will be restored.