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Moreloop : Startup with the idea of ‘Trash is not a Trash’

25-07-2019| 1521 Views 1 Shares


"The word ‘Trash’ is only a thought, if we can separate all the trash, this is actually a treasure" 

       Nowadays, there are 2.12 billion tons of trash per year from all over the world. But the view about the trash of the founder of Moreloop (an online platform that sell rag from the factory to the minor user) is different. Moreover, this view has brought us a new business which helps reducing the trash.

"If people believe in Circular Economy, the sustainability will happen."

       Getting to know more about the “Circular Economy” the concept that believe trash is a not a trash and able to be turned to the consumer worthy with Amorpol Huvanandana  and Thamonwan Virodchaiyan (Co-founder of Moreloop, a platform which helps people to reach to the resource) who truly believe “Trash is not a Trash”

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