SCG Signs MoU with CP All and Dow to Build Recycled Plastic Road Under Project “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road”; Project Kicks Off at Two 7-11 Branches and Will Expand to Pursue Environmental Sustainability

18 June 2019 2810 views

       7 Go green Recycled Plastic Road is collaboratively developed to promote plastic waste management practices and maximize the beneficial use to offer tangible solutions to plastic waste issues. SCG’s Chemicals Business, Dow Thailand Group and CP All, the founder of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, collectively developed the process and technique for road construction. The effort is to transform separated wastes collected in the main office, product distribution centers and 7-eleven stores through the shredding process into asphalt mixture to make roads with improved strength and superior erosion resistance. The recycled roads will be open to public use in the surrounding areas of 7-Eleven stores as part to bring values to the community. 7-Eleven store is the first convenience store in Thailand to use recycled plastic roads. Two branches of 7-Eleven store has entered the program in the initial phase.

       Mr. Sakol Tejasataporn, Senior Vice President of CP ALL PLC, the founder of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, said: “CP All has carried out the campaign to reduce and stop plastic bags through 7 Go Green project with the intention to build environmental sustainability. The 7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road is another project that will effectively reduce plastic waste and bring value to the community. We collaborated with SCG and Dow Group Thailand in planning and propelling the project to develop recycled plastic road for 7-eleven stores in many areas. The move marked a significant milestone in collaboration to create environmental sustainability for the community, society and the country.”

       Mr. Sakchai Patiparnpreechavud, Vice President – Polyolefin and Vinyl Business, Chemicals Business, SCG, said: “SCG has adopted the circular economy in business operations from the product research and development, production, to plastic recovery process with an aim to minimize the resource usage while maximizing its benefits. Recycled plastic road technology is an alternative solution to tackle plastic waste sustainably. This collaboration marked the first time in Thailand that brings the recycled plastic road technology to retail stores. We believe that this will increase public awareness of plastic waste management more concretely and broadly. SCG is ready to support collaborative network with all sectors, both domestic and international, to drive the circular economy and raise awareness of proper waste management to achieve sustainability for the environment, society, and community.”

       Mr. Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, President of Dow Thailand Group, said: “We are very pleased to be part of the collaboration between Dow, CP All and SCG. This project will allow us to expand recycled plastic road coverage in Thailand, meaning that the huge amount of plastic waste will be reused. The recycled plastic road is another milestone toward sustainable plastic waste management and it will complete the circular economy ambition.”

7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road is a collaboration of committed organizations to promote concrete plastic waste management solution by creating values according to the circular economy concept which not only yields positive environmental results but also helps foster communities as the waste can bring benefits to the local community. The project has kicked off at 7-Eleven store in Sai Mai Soi 3 and 7-Eleven store Ratpattana Soi 24. The plan will be further developed and expanded to other branches as part to reduce plastic use in the future permanently. The goal is to preserve the country’s environment in a sustainable manner according to CP All’s vision of “Giving and Sharing Opportunities.”