SCG Joins Forces with Communities, Government to Expand Coverage of “Conserving Water from Mountain to Mighty River” Project in Lampang, Implementing Circular Economy Approach to Promote Jobs and Income in Community

15 May 2019 1732 views

       SCG, led by Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, Executive Vice President of SCG and Chairman of SCG Sustainable Development Committee, along with Lampang’s government agencies, community network and volunteers from nationwide launched a continued effort of “Conserving Water from Mountain to Mighty River.” The goal is to expand check dam coverage in Lampang province and 6 northern provinces to establish efficient and sustainable water management for upstream, midstream and downstream areas coupled with promoting SCG Circular Way, an approach model for cooperation with the community to maximize resource usage to achieve the highest benefits and align with local livelihoods. The collaborative efforts aim to empower the community to manage efficient water strategies that allow them to have access to an infinite water supply together with promoting career opportunities and sustainably generate income and community growth.  

          Throughout 10 years of continued conservation efforts, SCG has adopted King Rama 9’s royal initiative on water management to deliver practical solutions suitable for each area. For upstream areas, check dams were introduced to restore the ecological balance of over 235,00 rai of land. In midstream area, Sra Puang was emplaced to supply water of over 30,400 cubic meters for agricultural use all year round, covering 500 rai of farmland and Monkey Cheek strategies that can keep up to 9 million cubic meters of water, benefiting over 16,750 farming areas. For the downstream area, SCG Fish homes made of PE100 plastic pipe leftover and seawater-resistant concrete were initiated as artificial reefs to restore the richness of marine biodiversity in which over 170 marine species are successfully introduced. These upkeep efforts are innovations aimed at maximizing resource efficiency and value, in line with the concept of the circular economy.