SD Symposium 10 Years “Circular Economy: Collaboration for Action”

24 June 2019 4022 views

      The worrying fact that natural resources and energy are dwindling from our planet indicates that the world economy may face the risk of shortages of raw materials in the near future. Moreover, pollution caused by manufacturing and consumption has affected the environment. With these pressing issues, circular economy is now a solution that has caught the attention of international organizations, governments, and corporations. The philosophy of circular economy is focused on making the most of resources throughout its life cycle, from planning and designing, manufacturing, consumption, waste management, and reusing, all with the aim of promoting sustainability for the economy, society, and environment.

      SCG, as a leading business in Thailand, realizes the importance of developing circular economy which is a key to achieving the goal of sustainability, and is organizing the SD Symposium 10 Years “Circular Economy – Collaboration for Actions” with the aim to create awareness and foster understanding of circular economy, to promote behavioral changes in manufacturing and consumption, as well as to enhance collaboration among businesses, consumers, and the government in driving the nation towards circular economy. The event is a continuation of last years’ symposium which proved a success and has brought about significant changes in all sectors. This year, the event will welcome executives from leading international organizations which have worked to promote circular economy, as well as executives from world-class corporations to exchange their knowledge and best practices in relation to circular economy which can be used in real-life situations and offer results that benefit the economy, society, and environment.

       SD Symposium organized annually since 2010, the event has been held for ten consecutive years and has been a driving force in promoting businesses, the government, and the general public to gain awareness about the importance of sustainable development in various issues as well as encourage more practical solutions that will lead to sustainable growth for businesses, society and the environment.

Date: August 26, 2019

Time: 8AM – 5PM 

Venue: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre, Central World