Staying at home can generate more waste. Let’s see how we can manage waste at home.

17 June 2021 1548 views


  • Daily online learning and working from home may cause backache! Let’s take a break for waste sorting activity.
  • Cardboard boxes from online shopping piled up. Let’s turn them into a new house for your lovely pets.
  • Plastic bags from food delivery scatter around. Discover a cool idea to keep them in place where it’s easier to use.
  • Transform bottles into piggy bank. Now you can collect both bottles and money.
  • Home cooking to reduce packaging wastes from food delivery. Being a chef who save the world.

To stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is necessary, but rethink again, it may not sound good, if the changing lifestyle has resulted in the increase of household waste by 15%. It’s time to change perspective and manage this issue, bringing waste to recycling process to make maximize use of resource. This is for us and the world we care!

For how we can manage this, let’s take a look at these 5 cool ‘How to’ idea to reduce waste.

Daily online learning or working from home might cause you pains and aches. Would it be better if stretching can be more enjoyable than ever?

Food delivery service and online shopping become necessary, but tends to raise the amount of single-use waste from 5,500 to 6,300 tons per day. Before the problem gets too late to handle, let’s stretch your legs, your hands and exercise with the waste sorting activity at home. You can simply separate food waste from those waste that can be recycled, especially plastic. The recycled waste should be cleaned for reused as food container, if possible. Or else, drop them at recycled waste drop points – you may download Green2Get from the 3WheelsUncle Facebook page to find out recycled waste drop points nearby your place. Now you can clean up your sweet room and maximize the value of the resources at the same time.

Getting stressed from studying/ working from home? Let’s level up the cuteness by transforming surplus boxes.

Transform cardboard boxes from online shopping into your lovely little pet’s house. Besides the enjoyable moment with your cat, you can also reduce waste that has been increased everyday. For those who own no pets, these boxes can also be transformed into other useful items, just send them to sector that have recycling service, such as “SCGP rexycle”, waste management solution that enables resource maximization, turning them into new useful items. You can simply bring the cardboard boxes to its drop points, at the department stores, condominiums, housing estates, gas stations, or office buildings. Click here to check SCGP rexycle’s drop point locations and available period of each location.

DIY Storage Box for Plastic Bags, making plastic bag easy to reuse – A must for prissy folks.

Vertically arrange reused plastic bags. For those big bag, fold them in a half before rolling up from the bottom. Then, store in the empty tissue box or the surplus box with a hole on the top. Now, you can easily pull the bags out like when you pull out tissue papers. This could be an easy idea to maximize use of stuffs you often excessively received. For those who have too many unwanted plastic bags, send them to recycle for new lives with the projects such as “The magic Recycling Hand x Won” where these wastes are guaranteed to be recreated as useful items.

Don’t throw the unwanted bottles away! Let’s magically transform them into DIY piggy banks to collect both your money and our resources.

You can unintentionally generate more waste simply by drinking from bottles. Let’s transform them into piggy banks. Start by punching a hole in the middle of the bottle so you can put your money in. Then, decorate as you imagine – it might turn into your favorite animal; you can use the caps as its legs and the wastepaper as its ears and eyes. Now, you are reminded to save money and resources for the future and also, absolutely, reduce waste. It’s easy and practical. Let’s try.

Feeling bored? Try home cooking to create your own delicacy and reduce packaging wastes from delivery.

After a long hour of study or work, if you feel starving, or want to do something to kill boredom, try cooking the recipes from Korean series or YouTube. Apart from practicing your cooking skill, serving delicacies to your loved ones, and creating amusing content for your social media, you can also reduce single-use packaging wastes from delivery, which is recently the cause of the shockingly increasing waste. If you want to limitlessly promote #TrashlessSociety, you can calculate the precise amount of raw materials so there will be no waste left. Don’t forget to separate food waste and recycled waste after your meals.

So far, do you believe changing perspective of waste management could reduce the issue of increasing waste during your “Stay Home, stay safe” period? It may start from enjoyment or a trivial point. If we are hand in hand, no matter how much our lifestyles have changed, whether we are at the universities or at work, wastes will no longer be wasted. And, we will truly create #TrashlessSociety.



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