Have you noticed that so much of our everyday life revolves around single-use items?

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  • According to a study conducted by Chulalongkorn University’s Environmental Research Institute, Thailand produced an average of 2 million tons of plastic waste a year, of which only 0.5 million ton were recycled.
  • Most people have become used to using single-use items.
  • The go-to reusable cup should be lightweight and durable with leakproof lid plus BPA-free.
  • One personal reusable cup can cut hundreds of waste.

Have you noticed that so much of our everyday life revolves around single-use items? In fact, these items have properties intended for repeated use before being correctly disposed of. And have you noticed that the faster we discard the waste; the faster waste treatment process is being accelerated to maintain the pace? The results are that these activities contribute to dioxin formation from waste combusted in incinerators or methane gas emission from landfill, of which are among primary reasons that lead to climate change. People across the world become aware of the issue and have switched to using reusable cups instead.

Why reusable cups? According to statistics, most people have gotten used to using single-use packaging, resulting in waste problems. As a matter of fact, plastic can be used repeatedly, varying by material types. Plastic is lightweight and durable, but sadly it is used less than what should be. Nowadays, many brands have gone green and promoted the use of personal reusable cups to encourage greater reuse and resource maximization.

One great example is a US coffeehouse, Starbucks, with branches across the globe. It has taken an approach to foster a growing eco-friendly trend of reusable cups. It launched marketing campaigns to promote eco-friendly habits by rewarding customers with a discount when bringing personal tumblers. It also introduced a variety of tumbler designs and limited-edition City Mugs collection. The coffee lovers must make sure not to miss the collection. Anyone wanting to have a personal travel mug should go for one that is durable, robust and safe for multiple use.

Aside from the top beverage company, events or music festivals also attached great importance on eco-friendly approaches. Attendees need to bring personal cups or glasses to the event. And how to find the right one? Here is the guide to choosing the go-to reusable cup for your needs.

  • For reusable plastic bottle, it should be lightweight and durable with a leakproof lid and a labelled BPA-free suggesting it is free of the chemical polycarbonate plastic used in production. Cracks, deterioration and heat can cause chemical leaching, which can adversely affect health.
  • If you prefer cups that maintain temperature, a stainless-steel mug will be worth the money.
  • Find the perfect size to carry around.
  • Choose the right color to match your style or your wardrobe to where you can be effortlessly chic.
  • Or you can reuse regular plastic cup (make sure it is a rigid one). The bottom line is you can use any materials you prefer but make sure to reduce using new items.

Using personal cups is a great start for waste reduction in our everyday life. It can help us adopt ways how to maximize resources and cut down on landfill and lower waste incineration, which are major contributors to global warming. And most importantly, we must act now.

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