Shared Kitchen : Why restaurant should own their own kitchen?

21 June 2019 3676 views

Circular Economy is the way of thinking that will drive the economy forward in a world with decreasing resources for human to use. By utilizing the available resources wisely and to the highest benefit business, owners can utilize this way of thinking and the principles in any form of business, even the food business. This is where we can seek the cooperation of organizations that share the same line of thinking and use the resources most effectively. 

An example of this new form of business is called ‘Shared Kitchen’ which is growing abroad. Even though this business did not start from the concern for the planet but it is truly a beneficial form of business for the planet.

What is ‘Shared Kitchen’?

Shared Kitchen is the rental service for commercial kitchen space and kitchen equipment (for the sales of food). In this instance, the owner of the rental space can have many services covering all aspects of a restaurant. This includes branding, service of food making employees, food packing service, purchasing service, data analysis, food delivery service, distribution channel, and many more.

Who is the ‘Shared Kitchen’ suitable for?

  • Tenants who want to produce food for commercial purpose but do not have their own commercial kitchen
  • Tenants who want to produce food for market testing
  • Tenants in the Food Truck business who need preparation space and raw material storage space
  • Tenants whose businesses do not have a store front that rely on delivery service
  • Tenants who are looking to expand their kitchen space to increase production

Examples of ‘Shared Kitchen’ abroad

Cloud Kitchens

Cloud Kitchens is the service of renting the kitchen space, equipment and software for the food business to help the restaurants expand without opening branches by emphasizing the delivery platform to help reduce cost and time. 

They are currently operating in Los Angeles and expanding to major populous cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.

Your Pro Kitchen

Pro Kitchen is the rental service of commercial kitchens on the scale of 3,500 Sq.ft, along with food production equipment of all kinds. It is open 24 hours and has a mentor giving out advice on food label design, nutrition label design, logo design, and website design to marketing strategies and a channel to introduce products into stores for new business owners. 

Pro Kitchen have branches throughout Florida and 12 branches across other states.

Kitchen United

Kitchen United offers a management software and kitchen service of 1,000 Sqm that can accommodate producers for 10-20 shops. In addition, they have a marketing service, delivery service, and online delivery service. Kitchen United believes that having an all-round service will help the tenants focus on food production, recipe development of new menus without other worries.

Shared kitchen is considered to be a sharing platform, one of the important ways of Circular Economy. It links many products or services to other users and encourages the use of products and services together and sharing the ownership to increase the number of usage by sharing and time management according to renters’ regulations.




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