Climate Change: A Phenomenon that Environment Is Not Only One to Suffer

27 May 2020 2326 views


  • Climate change may cause unexpected impacts on several aspects.
  • A study from the International Labour Organization or ILO indicates the impacts of climate change on labor.
  • Climate change also leads to an ecosystem imbalance, resulting in economic losses in the tourism sector.
  • Agricultural productivity is threatened by changing rain patterns, drought, leading to decreased farmers’ income.

Speaking of climate change, many people may think of the melting of the north pole, coral bleaching, or sea-level rise. Climate change is the effect of global warming caused by human activities, of which we may unknowingly cause a small impact that can contribute to climate change in the long run.

Concerning the industrial sector, a study from The International Labour Organization or ILO found that rising heat affects the workforce in industrial factories. Excessive heat while working, generally at temperatures above 35º Celsius, can put workers at high risk of heat stress, resulting in lost work hours which affect the overall industry. Workers have to face income loss due to absence or ailment accumulated over time. The ILO has to launch measures to protect workers from climate change-related impacts, of which especially in cases happening in countries that are unfamiliar with hot weather.

In Thailand, many sectors are also affected, notably in the economic sector. Climate change has exacerbated sea-level rise, temperature rise, triggering coral bleaching, extreme heat, stranding of marine mammals, and ecological imbalance. These have put Thai tourism in a vulnerable stage on top of revenue losses. It also brings about floods and storms, which have a dramatic impact on tourists and entrepreneurs in the industry. Plus, climate change also threatens the livelihood and the heart of Thailand’s economic system: agriculture.

Climate change causes poor crop yields due to the rising temperature and unreliable rainfall on top of infestations that disturb agriculture. The looming and dramatic impact is drought, which arrived early in late 2019. It is expected that in the year 2020, Thailand will be hit by the worst drought in 4 decades. As the produce is in short supply, it will likely affect agricultural exports, which put businesses in the country and aboard in challenging situations.

We can say that climate change causes an impact on all aspects regardless of sectors or industries. It is undeniable that it is now close to home for everyone. Therefore, we should not remain inactive or let individuals or groups stand up and fight this alone. We can all play a part in it by making changes in our everyday life and becoming more eco-minded. The eco-friendly lifestyles we can adopt are: saving energy, using public transportation, avoid wasteful eating, carrying a personal tumbler, using a cloth bag, or supporting products from eco-friendly producers. Importantly, you should act now and be exemplary to others. If we pay more attention to the environment, we will have a better place to live with a healthier environment in the future.

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