The creative way of reusing the plastic of “WON” project

15 January 2020 4492 views

“There is no trash, but only materials that are waiting to be used again. If we manage them well and make them clean, there are lots of people who wants to use them.”

       The plastic bag is a material with great qualifications, if we change our behavior from using it once to reuse it, this will help reducing the amount of using new resources and also help reducing the plastic waste problem.

“Won wants Thailand to become a role model country that knows how to live with plastic and other materials, use it wisely and in a circular way.”

       Won project is started by a small group of TPBI (TPBI PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED) people who wants to solve the plastic waste problem with creativity. The project is leaded by Mr. Kamol Borisudthanakul. He runs the project with using the knowledge of circular economy, focus on giving knowledge and suggestion on separate the trash and prepare the used plastic for recycling. Find out more creative ways of solving plastic waste problem by Won, click here.

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