The way nature is, the way it is for us and the business.

5 July 2019 2421 views

      “The sustainability is not a short run but a marathon” 

       Everyday we hear more about the environment’s crisis which is getting worse and worse, not only in other countries but it’s happening in Thailand as well. This made us all stay awake.

“In the nature, One is always a benefit for another.”

       For those who doesn’t know how to deal with the environment crisis yet, let find out the answer in the concept of Circular Economy. The concept of bringing back resources and reuse them with Pattraporn Yamla-or,  Co-founder of Sal Forest Co., Ltd. , the first organization in Thailand where works with a tension of building sustainable business. By giving education to people and companies and support them to be able to reach to the useful information about the Circular Economy.

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