a young girl from Indonesia who has big dream about making the better world through Circular Economy

18 December 2019 2478 views

Puan (16) is a young girl from Indonesia who has big dream about making the better world through circular economy. She knew that it will be game over for the world, for nature and even for society, if we are not going circular RIGHT NOW.

Her passion for earth and environmental care even started when she was little. Back in 2010, she always remembered what her teacher said that “it is very important to keep the earth green. Do something with the waste, make it valuable, and we will live better”.

Little Puan started to do it at her own home, with her mom and dad, they made biopori hole. Integrating biopori in drainage management at home, and it lasts until now.

The benefits of using biopori holes include: increased surface water absorption; reduced local flooding; enhanced groundwater recharge; and even decomposition of organic matter as source of compost. It is indeed a sustainable step to create a healthier environment.

With her little fingers, Puan search and do her things to the world. She was very sad and disturbed when she found out that at this time the preservation of nature was threatened. A lot of content on social media shows that the earth needs help. Waste management is getting out of control. Humans cannot always be relied upon to protect the environment. Puan was increasingly convinced, that the world needs an agent of change for a better future.

Puan continued to find out what other efforts could be made to bring about a circular lifestyle. Looking for every single opportunity to learn about circular economy. She was very active at school in scientific organizations, even today she is serving as President of Youth Science Group in her high school. Study nature more closely, collaborate with technology, with the digital aspects, and look for its benefits to the wider community.

Puan will never give up, she believes that despite the small steps taken, with continuously and consistency, it will create a circular lifestyle that supports a bright future for the earth.

About PUAN: SCG Sharing the Dream Scholar since 2018

Full Name: Puan Haliza Lintang Putri

Gender: Female

Place/Date of Birth: Jakarta, 4 January 2003 (16 Years Old)

High school: SMAN 1 Tangerang Selatan



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