Plastic = Value = Precious Plastic Bangkok

6 November 2019 4809 views

“The plastic is actually too valuable to be thrown away.” 

       Plastic was found on this earth for years, it was discovered to help us all more comfortable Therefore, it’s time that we all has to change our perception of plastic. Decrease using the plastic only once but reuse it as the concept idea of circular economy. So, the plastic can become one of those resource that can be reused

“Recycling is one way to manage the plastic but, not the only way.”

       Creating value for the used plastic is one of the proof that Dominic Puwasawat Chkrabongse, a director of Precious Plastic Bangkok, a Global movements of recycling is trying to show Thai the value of the plastic by turning them to new products which can also help us increase the income.

Find out more about these in this VDO.

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