New Thailand Recycling Trend, Normalpaper Project

1 August 2019 5063 views

“Nowadays, people don’t think trash is useless. They don’t think it’s not worthy anymore”

Environment is a topic that people from all over the world is talking about. In Fashion world, fashion designers are working on their special collection which use all the materials that are friendly to the environment, the materials that can be recycled or reused.

“Change your perception to the trash and put more idea in it. Because things have their own stories and uniqueness”

This trend is not happening only with famous global brand, but also with famous Thai brand and a new brand like Normalpaper, a business of Wasita Nu-im. A business that create products from plastic beads and used canvas. Get to know where they get this inspiration from and know more about the history of Normalpaper from this VDO.

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