Recreate the fashion from used cloth bag

18 December 2019 5438 views

“We reuse the material which worthless and bring back their value again.”

       We believe we all have got the free cloth bag, especially this environmentally concern timing now, the cloth bags are being given more and more.

       But do you know that there are lots of cloth bags which all end up in the wardrobe, more than just being kept in the wardrobe is turned to trash. Even though the beginning of the cloth bag is to decrease the amount of the trash.

       Recycling to increase the value of the cloth bag is something new and valuable. This is a way of reusing the resources as the concept of circular economy.

“I never thought that what I’m doing can help the world”

       Ruengroj Chunkrajang, an owner of La Rocca Studio, who starts the business with the creativity and turns trash to something value.

       He brings back the cloth bag and recreate it, turns it to the one and only shirt in a project “You said you love the world?” Which has got a very good feedback and has helped the world with recycling the cloth bag for more than 100,000 bags.

Stay tune for more creative things which can be helpful for yourself, marketing and the world.

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