GEPP: Not only create the cleanliness, but create the data of trash managing.

9 January 2020 5355 views

“Everything, not just a recyclable things, if we separate them, they will be valued in different way for someone who always wanting them.”

       Nowadays, Thailand produces 27 million ton of trash per year. 30% is a recycle, but right now only 20% of trash is took to recycle. One reason is because the trash managing system could not bring the trash from the household to the recycle system effectively, therefore we have the platform called GEPP

“GEPP is happened to help recycling trash easier, because just separate the general trash and garbage can increase the opportunity of recycling up to 50%”

       GEPP Sa-Ard is a digital platform which connect the seller and buyer of recycle materials together.

       Dome Boonyanurak, a CMO and Co-founder of GEPP Sa-Ard. He is not only want to create the cleanliness, but also collecting the data for the city. Started with Bangkok and many cities are coming. 

This is an important part to help creating the Circular Economy. 

Find more about GEPP here.

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