Green Mindset Taught at Schools

19 December 2019 2221 views

       We need more people like Greta Thunberg, who stands up and presses world leaders and governments to take global warming seriously. We want to see more people like this who can inspire students and young people around the globe again.

       But we don’t want to see all young people take to the street. Thus, Eco Education must necessarily be added in the classroom around the world to encourage students to embrace the green mindset right from the start. This effort will make the world a better place for themselves and also the next generation. Today, we are introducing Eco Education around the world and where it takes place.


       At the Northern England region of North of Tyne, global warming teaching has been added in state primary and secondary schools. The move aims to raise awareness and understanding of global warming. The teaching program is accredited by the United Nation’s EduCCate Global project.

       The global warming topic covers key areas of climate change science, adaptation planning, health, climate change finance and international negotiations. In addition, the global warming subject is ambitiously pushed to be made available in all schools across England.


       The Italian Ministry of Education has improved the school’s curriculum by introducing the topic of climate change as one of the compulsory subjects taught at public schools. The subject will focus on climate change and sustainability.  

       The global warming subject is part of the Italian civic classes that cover every grade from primary to high-school. The topic will also be included in subjects of mathematics and physics.


       The Ministry of Education in Thailand has received proposals from Ralyn “Lilly” Satidtanasarn, a 12-year-old environmentalist who push to make Eco Education mandatory for all schoolchildren to study subjects related to sustainability in a wide range of topics, such as environmental management, ecology, technology, society, politics, and economy.

       Before this, the Education Ministry has explored an idea to introduce plastic waste separation subject and waste impacts at schools to provide a better understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of wastes to the environment, and learn the characteristics of different waste types, such as nano-plastic, micro-plastic.       

       The environmental issue is an urgent global problem. A solid foundation input in the classroom is vital to prepare people to prevent and face the ever-intensifying crisis in the future. The current and new generation have to join hands to act now and raise environmental awareness.




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