toothpaste tabs which uses nature resources.

25 September 2019 2708 views

“One day, we will not be able to design anything if there has no material nor resources from the nature left.”

       The nature is always has its own beauty but if it not taken enough care, in one day there will be a serious effect which cause too damaged to heal. 

       It is time for everyone to solve this issue with the concept of circular economy, the concept that the producer has to manage since the start of material picking till it ends to waste, included the small piece of waste like the toothpaste tubes.

“Nowadays, there is a waste from the toothpaste in home around 1.5 billion pieces per year. From the record of, they have helped reducing the waste from toothpaste tubes around 1,000 tubes and will continue reducing till 10,000 tubes within 2019”

       For the consumer, you can join the circular economy yourself with using less, reuse and recycle or you can support, Brand of Lhin, Kevalin Saksiamkul, the brand with the idea of circular thinking that produce the personal care with using resources from the nature “Ecocentric Toiletries”

Let see how this IDEA CONCEPT helps reducing the cause that effect the nature. STAY TUNE!

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