A piece(s) of paper, a thinker and designer of Gift wrap

21 November 2019 3619 views

“A piece of paper is not equal to 1, it depends on us, we’ll reuse it or let it turn to trash.” 

There are 2 types of people when they got the gifts, first- gently unwrap and keep the gift wrap, second- tear the paper excitedly and let the paper turn to trash.

These shows us the gift wrap has a very short usage but effects to environment in a long term.Designing the product with concept of circular economy is a challenge for designers, we have to expand the usage of the gift wrap for the longest. 

“Change your perception, use the best out of them before turning them to trash.”

       A piece(s) of paper, a studio of thinker and designer for gift wrapping by the founder, Gap, Tanavej Siriwattanakul and Num Rattanin Supruepanit.  They know that even they create the product with such an impact function, it just the other way of begging consumers to try their products.

Cause, changing the behavior or not is still a consumer’s decision.

These is the begging from A piece(s) of paper, who tries hard to pass on ways to preserve the environment to the receivers. Find out more in this clip!

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