From paper and waste in ASEANSummit 2019 to new bookshelves for children … in the ASEAN Library Project

21 November 2019 1683 views

Another pride that SCG is honored to be one of the sustainability partners. In the 35th ASEAN Summit hosted by Thailand Between 31 Oct – 4 Nov 19 with the concept of Advancing Partnership for Sustainability

SCG supports materials that help reduce waste in meetings in accordance with the Green Meeting by using alternative materials from recycled paper such as backdrop for photography. Paper chair, lectern, paper box for return, name tag, neck strap Including tumblers, books and decorative materials Upon completion of the meeting, the materials used Will be recycled to produce books in the ASEAN Library Project According to the concept of circular economy

As well as inviting colleagues to change their living habits to be environmentally friendly Which can be shared by everyone, such as sorting waste to be recycled

No matter how small Or big deal We can also help to take care of this world.



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