Waste Management Project Within the headquarters of Bang Sue One of the Bang Sue models

10 March 2020 1631 views

Use it to be worthwhile, split it into a cheap place.

“Before telling others to start We should start with ourselves first.”

Krisda Rueangchotiwit, Circular Economy Director, who is responsible for SCG’s Circular Economy at Bang Sue Headquarters, tells the story from the beginning of the waste management in the organization or the ‘Bang Sue Model’

“In the beginning, we took the standard of separation of Bangkok, which at the time was divided into 4 types of garbage, wet waste, dry waste, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. But appeared to be separated Our people are confused and do not understand. Finally, we designed the waste separation and disposal to suit your own organization by separating all the bins into 6 types, which every bin has its own way. Food waste in the gray bin, we make into soil improvement substances. Nourish the soil for the trees in the organization The waste paper in the blue bin we will separate into 2 parts. In the non-contaminated part, we will sell to the paper company to recycle. Contaminated parts that cannot be recycled will be used as alternative fuels, just like green tanks that are waste plastic, glass, tubes or plastic bags that cannot be recycled. As for the white bucket with plastic water bottles in the category of PET bottles and the yellow tanks that are metal, glass, aluminum, we will recycle. While in the red part, if they are batteries Battery or mobile phone, we will send to a partner company to recycle. The rest will be properly landed. In addition, we also communicate to employees to use cloth bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Including a discounted promotion when bringing a glass of personal water to buy a drink Which is considered a campaign to reduce waste from the beginning”

From organization to family

The true mark of Bang Sue’s model is not just waste management. In a deeper dimension, they want all employees to adjust their attitude. Changing behavior and then expanding the correct waste management practices within the family

Passaraporn Laohachoti is one of the staff who, besides advising her colleagues to turn to throw garbage right, the 29-year-old beautiful woman also goes back and teaches the people at home to handle the garbage themselves. “We took the knowledge gained from the model Sue to tell people at home to separate the garbage. Like now, Ama, we’re 85, and you’re very interested in this. Ama will separate sacks and hang them in many windows, each bag will put different garbage. Our home in Ratchaburi, now everyone is divided into waste. From Ama, aged 85, to his 3-year-old grandchildren. “

“We want to see the whole country of Thailand rise up to deal with waste. Don’t want to stop just SCG. Don’t want to stop at just Sue or a few organizations. “

Present and future

For 2020, the model of Sue will continue to emphasize the goal of ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’, with the intention of eliminating waste to landfill. Of course, to be so important is that employees must throw the trash into the bin 100 percent.

“The amount of waste reuse now is as high as 63 percent, which shows that we now have a better direction for waste management. We can reduce the amount of waste. At the same time, more waste can be recycled. “Said Angsuma, a group of Circular Economy Department Manager. At the same time, in the near future, she has prepared another bucket for throwing water out of glasses and bottles. In the hope of reducing the amount of waste from the source to zero

At this point no one can tell whether Angsuma and everyone’s dreams will come true. But at least things that will definitely remain Meaning they will never give up any intention

“If it’s not successful yet We will return to adjust and do better again.
And we will keep learning and doing Until it is achieved “



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