Turning Waste into Unique Goods with Upcycling Think for the Earth

30 March 2020 1726 views


  • “A change in mindset and behavior: start with ourselves”
  • 5,300 tons of plastic bags are used per day
  • Resource maximization is the goal

Do you know that we produce an average of 5,300 tons of plastic waste per day? Most of them are single-use plastic bags, which are a major contributor to waste overload and marine pollution.  Would it be better if we can extend the usage of those items and delay them entering the waste stream?

SCG Experience acknowledges the importance of recycling and wishes to see everyone become resource conscious. It has led to the introduction of “Upcycling Think for the Earth: A Change in Mindset and Behavior: Start with ourselves” aimed at encouraging eco-friendly practice where they can adopt in everyday life through workshop activity.

Upcycling is a process that adds value to unwanted materials and turns them into something usable. The activity is organized twice a month. At the workshop, participants presented their upcycling works with different methods, e.g., turning plastic waste into plastic bag yarn to create unique stuff; transforming used SCG smartboard into distinctive picture frame lamp. The workshop serves as a space for designers or enthusiasts to showcase their creativities through a design challenge “Upcycling Design Contest” where the output must align with Circular Economy principles. Besides, it also invited green-minded businesses to join Green Market and sell eco-friendly products. The event received positive feedback from those in attendance.

Workshop activity is well received and become an excellent platform to raise awareness. It promotes the use of leftover materials in the community for the upcycling project such as turning vinyl banner to create something new.  They can follow SCG Circular Way with #ResourceMaximization, #CorrectSorting, #ProperDisposal, and #Recycling. The upcycling effort can deliver a stylish and unique shopping bag.

“Upcycling Think for the Earth” program does not only help bring materials into the circular economy and SCG Circular Way but also reduce global warming and improper waste management on top of creating jobs. It is not wrong to say that this approach gives all-around benefits.

Those interested can follow Upcycling workshop updates on Facebook Page: SCG Experience or join the group “Upcycling Think for the Earth” on Facebook Here.



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