SCG Fish Home

8 June 2019 4458 views

       SCG applied the concept of the circular economy by turning recycled materials into fish homes to ensure abundant and sustainable coastal ecosystems and better living standard of local fishers. There are two types of SCG fish homes:

3D-Printed Artificial Coral Reef with Recycled Material

        Cement-Building Materials, SCG, joined hands with Department of Marine and Coastal Resources designing “artificial reef materials.” The initiative harnesses 3D printing technologies using leftover recycled concrete materials as 40% replacement of natural stones to create robust and well-attached artificial coral reefs that blend in with their surroundings. The artificial coral reef provides a safe haven for aquatic species and helps restore the marine ecosystem and sustainability.

PE 100 Fish home

        PE100 is High Density Polyethylene Pipe manufactured by Chemicals Business. It possesses strength and eco-friendly nature.

       Furthermore, SCG broadened its conservation efforts and introduced “Recycled Fish Home” as a way to convert plastic marine debris and community waste such as bottle caps through the molding process into the recycled fish homes. The initial test found that the recycled fish home possesses strength and durability and is environmentally friendly. Recycled Fish Home initiative will help reduce marine waste and revitalize coastal and marine environment and build a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.



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