KoomKah: A Simplified and Valuable Solution to Waste Management

5 May 2020 8704 views


  • KoomKah is a web-based application solution for waste bank management that simplifies waste management and motivates waste separation behaviors in communities, transforming wastes to value.
  • We can simply start waste management with ourselves. But to make the practice worthy and valuable,  technology can be a helping hand.
  • Waste reduction through endless recycling, remanufacturing, reusing is part of SCG Circular Way that SCG has been committed to upholding and promoting.

At one point, you may have heard of a phrase, “the world is overflowing with wastes”.  Humans produce wastes daily, totaling several tens of million tonnes a day, and they are both naturally biodegradable and non-decomposing. A proper waste disposal system is required to manage these wastes, of which including hazardous wastes, electronic wastes, and other waste types.

The massive amount of waste, both managed and unmanaged, is piling up and forms trash mountains. SCG is aware of the issue and sees the value in wastes e.g., plastic wastes, used cardboards, or some electronic items. If wastes are well-managed, they can be recycled based on Circular Economy principles under the practice “SCG Circular Way”. This idea has led to the development of a web-based application, “KoomKah” to assist in waste management practices.

“KoomKah” is a web-based application solution to support the waste bank’s waste management and encourage people in community and members to trade sorted wastes for rewards or points. With this solution, the waste bank can plan a waste management strategy more effectively and bring about maximum value. This app also can help waste bank to optimize waste types and deliver them directly to smelters, recyclers, and antique stores. The process ensures full incentives for members, inspiring them to participate in proper waste management.

When waste management becomes simple and profitable, it will motivate waste separation behaviors starting from the smallest unit, household. And it will eventually expand to larger units like village, community, and society. The collective effort will conclusively contribute to a sustainable foundation of the Circular Economy.

The waste collector or waste bank that are users of “KoomKah” are not limited to waste buyer shops. But other venues or even community center that wants to become the community’s collection point for sorted waste items and can sell or manage waste correctly, can be regarded as waste bank too.

“KoomKah” serves as an assistant to record waste data. If a member wants to sell waste items, they will be rewarded in the form of points or savings in the system, which can be used to exchange for goods according to the conditions specified by the waste bank. Members can check the current balance of points or savings by themselves via “KoomKah” web-based application anytime, anywhere.

“KoomKah” consists of 5 key features”

  1. Buy to record waste data and calculate trading amount
  2. Membership Management to collect membership data and history of point redemption and collection
  3. Sell to record sell data and calculate revenue and profits from trade
  4. Inventory Management to organize waste category, cost and point collection from Buy segment to help improve trade strategy
  5. Report to help user evaluate data and download excel file with selected time period for further analysis.

Offering a simplified, user-friendly and convenient process, KoomKah now gains 6,700 users and over 30 waste banks across the country on its platform.

Apart from offering rewards from point collection and prizes, the web-based application motivates users to adopt waste sorting practice, which is another solution to appropriately eliminate wastes and add value to it. The member can check their data history anytime through the web-based application “KoomKah” to ensure transparent management of the waste bank.

If you want to learn more or ready to become a waste bank on KoomKah platform, please contact or follow us on LINE app (@KoomKah) or write to contact@koomkah.com



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